How To Manifest Love From A Specific Person?

Manifest Love

Manifesting has become a trend recently. People talk about manifesting their futures in various ways. All of this can make it seem like it is something new, but that is as far from the truth as it can be. People have been manifesting in various ways in the past history of humankind. Only, no such thing as ‘How To Manifest Love’ did not exist. It wasn’t as common or put into such clear words, but nevertheless, it has existed.

Manifest Love

Today though, with the support of many psychological studies and research, we have figured out a way to make manifestation work for us.

Can you manifest love? Yes, you can. Can you manifest love from a specific person? That remains to be seen1

Let us take a look at this whole thing. 

Why Love Matters?

Oftentimes, we see people, and it may appear to us that they are desperate for love. In all honesty, love is a psychological need. You need love from your cradle to your grave. Only the type of love best for you at these stages varies. As a child, you need the unconditional love of a loving mother and father – parents. In adulthood, it is necessary to have a romantic partner and their love as well as close friends and the type of love only they share. Soon after that, it is time for one to learn to give love and to give it unconditionally. We do end up putting all of this love under one category though they differ highly in the way they are shown and even received. Yet, we cannot deny that love matters. 

Good quality love is integral to our mental health. Wondering what is good quality love? It is a love that comes from good mental health. It comes with understanding, good space, quality communication, and trust. With this, a person can heal and protect themselves from almost anything they face in life. 

Manifesting Love From a Specific Person

There are a host of reasons why this is a bad idea. A very bad idea, indeed! 

You can learn How To Manifest Love From A Specific Person, but it will not be of benefit to you. You should never manifest love from a specific person; instead, you should focus on what type of love you’re looking for and what would make you happy in the long run. Until you live with a person, there is no way to know exactly how they are and if they’re right for you. So when you learn How To Manifest Love From A Specific Person, and it happens, you may quickly find out that your dreams were a castle in the sky or even just sand. 

There are many things that we don’t know about the people in our lives. Parents don’t know their children, siblings don’t know their siblings, and children don’t know their parents. Every human is dynamic, and they are different in front of different people, and often, it is not even intentional. When you focus your attention on a single person, it may turn out that they are not what you expected or hoped for. It may even be worse of a disappointment than you ever expected. 

The People You Attract!

Before you learn How To Manifest Love, you will naturally attract certain people into your life as your friends and romantic partners. This choice is often unconscious, and we cannot really control who we attract unless we take active steps to change it. This is why children of abusive parents often end up finding abusive partners as they are older. Neglectful parents beget children who end up marrying people who neglect them as their parents did. 

Another factor that can play a role in this is the relationship between parents: How the different sex parent treats the same sex parent may often end up repeating in the lives of the children where they attract equally abusive partners. For instance, the daughter of an abusive father might attract a husband who is abusive even if the father never abused the daughter but only the mother. 

How To Manifest Love?

Now that we’ve taken care of some very important factors, we can learn how to manifest. If you’re wondering How To Manifest Love From A Specific Person, it works much the same as you would manifest love anyways, except you would be doing that with a person though it is not recommended as the results may not always be the best. So here’s how you can manifest. 


Writing is a great way to manifest love. People prefer to write on a piece of paper and keep it with them till it comes true. Others keep it in a journal and repeat it every few days or months. You can do as you are comfortable. Write about the love you want in your life, how you want to feel about your partner, and how you want them to feel about you. 

Add to it how healthy your relationship should be, relationship growth, and anything else that matters. Keep reading every once in a while to stay on track!

Speaking And Meditating

While writing to manifest is the most popular form of manifesting, many people prefer to speak and meditate too. It takes time to meditate properly; a newbie will always be distracted by sounds, the air, wind, clothes, and everything else around them. So you should begin with a meditation practice every day until you are able to meditate for at least half an hour at a time without distractions. 

During this time, visualize the love you want to have or the person. Manifesting, quite literally, means to have a clear vision in your mind, so write down your vision and practice before you meditate so that you can be clear. 


That’s the end of our lesson on how to manifest. While we hope it was helpful, we still have more guides to provide for you if you so need them. Head over to Girls Nite Live and watch the video guide by Christina Manning and manifest to your heart’s content!

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