6 Best Action Camera Body Mount in 2023

Action Camera Body Mount

A good action camera body mount allows you to capture some intersecting “Point Of View” photos of your adventures. It allows you to record the scenery while enjoying in your favourite activity, with the camera safely attached on your body. In this article we will be discussing about the best mount you can purchase for your action camera.

What exactly is an action camera mount?

An action camera mount will support you in properly attaching your action camera on your body. It has a big impact on the photographer’s style. One of the most interesting facts of action camera body straps is that they will open up a world of options.

As a result, they have the ability to think outside the box. When you use the action camera gear, your hands will be free, and you will be able to simply capture the most amazing moments of your event.

6 Best Action Camera Body Mount

Best Action Camera Body Mount

1. Amazon Basics Chest Mount Harness

The Amazon Basics Chest mount is a low-cost, comfortable chest mount. Surprisingly, for the price, it is one of the best chest mounts on the market. It is not perfect for surfing, as with any other chest mount, but it is ideal for kayaking, rafting, and other water sports. The mount is designed to work with all GoPro Hero Series action cameras. 

Amazon Basics Chest Mount Harness

It strongly grips your camera and keeps it secure at all times. The Amazon Basics Chest Mount Harness allows you to record some great POV images of your adventures such as skiing, cycling, and snowboarding. It is very flexible and can suit practically any body type. Also, the mount is quite adaptable and can easily support a bigger frame.

2. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

The GoPro Performance action camera body mount is a real GoPro gear. That is most likely why it is one of the most costly of all the products. This body strap is made of light, breathable materials and is of very good quality. This clip may be changed to fit different body types and heavier clothing.

The solid, flexible, and padded design of the GoPro Performance Chest Mount makes it very comfortable to wear and shoot stable, hands-free POV footage of your action. Plus, the quick-release allows for simple entry and exit even with gloves on. So, whatever sport you choose to capture the GoPro Chest Mount is a very good body clamp for your action camera.

3. Sametop Chest Mount Harness Chesty Strap

Sametop Chest Mount Harness Chesty Strap

The Sametop Chest Mount is ideal for those looking for a lightweight body mount.  It is lightweight, long-lasting, and suitable for all body types. This mount, is compatible with all GoPro Hero series cameras as well as other action cameras such as Osmo Action and others. It is very useful for filming stunt films from the best possible angle. The Sametop allows you to receive a view of film below the helmet while doing any adventure sports.

4. MiPremium Chest Mount Harness

The MiPremium action camera body mount, which is suitable with all action cameras, provides a solid hold on your camera and allows you to capture fairly good footage. It is built of lightweight and long-lasting material. You can enjoy all of your experiences hands-free with this body mount. The clip provides a variable platform for giving various angles with a 180-degree tilt. 

MiPremium Chest Mount Harness

It includes a J hook for fast in-and-out of your action camera. It also includes adjustable straps to match various body types. Another great feature of this body mount is the presence of a Direct Attachment clamp for your action camera. As a result, you do not need further strap solution.

5. CamKix Chest Mount Harness

The CamKix Chest Mount Harness is an excellent solution for sports lovers seeking high-quality photos of their action. This body mount has several great options that enable you to shoot ideal hands-free action videos at a very reasonable price.

CamKix Chest Mount Harness

It is suitable with all GoPro cameras and positions them perfectly. This chest mount is incredibly comfortable due to its fully cushioned design. Moreover, the included hook allows the unit to move up to get different angles.

6. Revo 360° Clip with Quick Mount for GoPro

Even if there are no clear clamping options available, such as a helmet or mask, the Revo 360° Clip with Quick Mount for GoPro enables you to capture POV and other interesting angles with your GoPro. The clip’s high-tension jaws clamp onto your belt, hat brim, backpack strap, or other such object, offering a hard, reliable hold to keep your camera in place. 

Revo 360° Clip with Quick Mount for GoPro

There’s no need to worry about your camera falling and being crushed with this mount. It has a quick-release base that is standard GoPro quick-release buckles for easy camera gear, and it spins 360 degrees for the ideal camera view. The camera’s rotating movement stops it from falling out of place while participating in other adventure sports.


Whatever style of adventurer you are, an action camera body mount will help you record all the excitement and memories of your trips. In this article, we’ve selected some of the best you can purchase right now, along with their benefits and drawbacks. I hope this helps you make a better choice.

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