Top 12 Kisscartoon Alternatives To Using In 2023

Kisscartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon has become one of the excellent sites for streaming cartoons as well as motion pictures around the globe. Unfortunately, no matter how easy-going the website appears to be, the website comes with multiple faults and issues leading to the degradation of quality. 

Moreover, with regular piracy issues shrouding the entertainment industry, users from many parts of the world are finding it hard to access it, let alone benefit from it. 

Therefore, we have curated some terrific alternatives to meet your expectations. The results are thorough enough, with detailed pros and cons of streaming the websites. 

In that way, you will learn about the experiences you may have with whole streaming shows and cartoons on it. So without further ado, let us begin. 

Top 12 KissCartoon Alternatives

1. Cartoon Network

Everyone in the seven continents grew up watching Cartoon Network. It is the ultimate cartoon website but the destination for those who want to indulge in streaming the best that the world of animation and cartoons has to offer. 

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is known to many persons throughout the ages as it has catered to people of all ages at some point in their lives. It has been a classic for its consistency in producing good quality cartoons and delivering people a space to get entertainment. 

It has old classics as well as updated ones so that it can keep kids of all ages from different parts of the world entertained on any device. Moreover, access to this site is free and you won’t face any limitations while streaming.  

However, you must create a free account, and you can easily get access to this account. Let us share with you several features that make it watchable. 

  • The content on the website is normally kid-friendly. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, your child can use it to stream any content they want. You will not have to supervise their movement. 
  • The website also offers games that your kid can indulge in case they are more with streaming cartoons on it. 
  • The website will offer you many classic shows that have been famous for years. 
  • It is also a free site. Moreover, it does not require one to subscribe to it. 

Pros And Cons:

The website is fast and easily accessible. Moreover, it also comes with excellent quality, making it easier for people to stream the cartoon they want without any issue. They can also stream content from any corner of the world. However, one must create an account to access content and features. One cannot download the episodes of cartoons as they would have to stream them. 

2. Watchcartoon Online 

Watch Cartoon Online provides a list of explicit content you have never seen before. In addition, it is an excellent platform that tends to provide HD quality cartoons and shows to its users as well. 

Watch cartoon Online

The streaming service has a wide range of cartoon collections, making it a hotter option for kids. These collections are not found anywhere else. Also, its shows are dubbed as well as subbed in English. This factor makes streaming the cartoon easier for the kids. 

The web portal will give its users free access to top-rated shows with the best interface. Moreover, using such a site is organized as well as easy. Such characteristics make it simple to locate the cartoon without having trouble.

Lastly, the website provides different classifications and categories. This is another reason why many choose it. Apart from that, there are some redeeming features about the websites. 

  • The service is free of cost. Therefore, one does not need to invest in a subscription fee to stream cartoons or any show. 
  • The website is well organized as well as thoroughly categorized in subdivisions. 
  • Any user can download as well as view shows at their convenience. 
  • One can stream high-quality HD shows to please their users. 
  • A wide collection of genres can be found here. In addition, the cartoon also comes with dubbed as well as dubbed versions. 

Pros and cons:

The several extensive categories, as well as the free service, make it preferable. HD quality streaming with a simple interface makes it desirable as well. The only lowdown is that it comes with Ads and Promotions. To stop it, one needs an AdBlocker or VPN. 

3. Toon Jet

Toon Jet is one reliable entertaining and cartoon streaming service. It is free of cost and gives the viewer a wide range of shows and movies to keep the children occupied and happy. 

Toon Jet

Moreover, it offers exceptional TV shows to children. Looney Tunes and Popeye are one of them. Moreover, it has included contemporary cartoons in different languages to suit the users. Here are the features. 

  • One can stream the cartoon on Toon Jet at any given time. 
  • One doesn’t need any additional software or support system to stream the latest movies and cartoons. 

Pros and cons

No subscription is needed to stream cartoons here. Moreover, the streaming method is very safe. However, it does not have an extended download setting. 

4. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is one of the best cartoon streaming websites that has become a favorite among people. It is a well-known site that is best for streaming Donald Duck to Mickey mouse. It is very similar to Disney. However, Disney Junior has some shortlisted favorites for the children. One needs to create an account to enjoy the perks. Here are some features that make the app worthy. 

  • A vast collection of classic cartoon series. 
  • The site is fast-paced and accessible on any device. 
  • The site is legal. 

Pros and Cons:

It offers a premium subscription plan, making it safer for anyone to stream the cartoon. Moreover, it has a simple and user-friendly interface. However, the subscription can be costly for some, and the download option isn’t available. 

5. CartoonsOn:

If you want to stream cool cartoon content, you need to head to CartoonsOn. It is one of the finest websites where classic and modern that have been on-demand for a long time are available. 


Also, their content is constantly updated, keeping the kids on top of things. Furthermore, almost all of their shows are available for free, and one need not subscribe to get access to it. Here are some features that make the site reliable.  

  • It features cartoons and shows from Marvel, Disney, and Pixar renowned studios. 
  • No subscription is needed.
  • HD quality videos are available here. 

Pros and Cons:

The site is completely kid-friendly. Moreover, it holds a clear and simple interface where one does not need to sign or login. Unfortunately, however, one cannot download the episodes of cartoons here. 

6. KimCartoon:

One of the major service providers when it comes to cartoons is KimCartoon. The site has classic series and movies and the oldest cartoons under it. 


The user-friendly interface allows the viewers to enjoy streaming the content using laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Following are some features that make the site worthy. 

  • Users don’t need to sign up to acquire access to their website
  • The interface is clear and simple
  • High quality and HD quality streaming
  • Comes with a built-in video player. 

Pros and Cons:

The matter of free streaming content that opens the option to stream a great collection of cartoons makes it worthy. However, it is not legal in the list of countries. 

7. Funimation:

That reliable anime channel will keep your children hooked to the TV. Moreover, it has many popular shows that kids love. One can stream English dubbed anime and even subs as well. 


The feature of this site is that it comes for free. Therefore, one does not have stream ads to stream their favorite cartoon. Following, we have mentioned a few features.

  • Now stream many series without ads in HD quality. 
  • One can stream the content on all browsers and devices, making it accessible. 
  • One can locate trending shows and anime.

Pros and Cons:

The website comes with an extensive library full of dubber movies and anime. Although subscription offers are available, one can choose the course of action. Therefore they may use the plan that comes for free. 

8. Nickelodeon

No website is as good as Nickelodeon as it is a classic that any user can easily access. It is a favorite website where one can stream SpongeBob and other series sponsored by Nickelodeon. All you need to do is create an account. You can even set a parental control guide to making it easier. Some of the features include, 


  • It comes with both old and new content. 
  • One can easily stream the content on smart TV and any device. 
  • The application comes with great parental guide control. This makes the aspect of controlling what your kid is watching very easy. 

Pros and Cons

Any user can easily access the shows in different languages and has a great video streaming quality. However, the usage of the site is a bit tricky. 

9. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is one popular site for watching anime. However, it also offers a great range of deals in terms of cartoons too. This site has a vast collection of anime and cartoons. Moreover, one would get their hands on streaming anime with English dubbing. 


The website will surely take you back to the time and remind you of the good times. The site also comes with parental control that assists in restricting the content your child should watch. Here are some features of the site.

  • The website offers several cartoons and anime from around the globe. 
  • One can stream the content HD quality. 
  • The site is completely legal. 
  • The interface of the website is simple and kid-friendly. 
  • It offers subscriptions with countless excellent features. 

Pros and cons:

One can access the website from most countries to stream the content. Moreover, one can easily download the content. It also comes with a built-in media player. However, know that the subscription cost may be on the higher side. 

10. CartoonCrazy:

As the name suggests, if you are passionate about cartoons and anime, this is the place you should head to. Unfortunately, the site may have a few bugs. However, it is the ultimate website where you will find the recently released content you are looking for without trying hard. 


Although the website does not come with download options, one can simply stream it online to view them seamlessly. The site tends to attract heavy traffic as well as countless viewers because of how easy the interface is. Here are some redeeming features of the site. 

  • The site tends to offer a variety of video quality options to the users. 
  • It is easier to locate and search for movies, anime, and cartoons. 
  • No subscription fees are needed to stream the content. 
  • The website contains over 8000 shows that anyone can stream in different languages. 

Pros and cons:

The website is not illegal, which makes usage and accessibility easier. Moreover, it comes with advanced features like procurement of subtitles and more. However, one cannot download any episode of a cartoon or anime. 

11. WatchSeries:

One of the major websites where a large collection of series, cartoons, and anime can be streamed to enjoy. It also comes with a simple interface and a well-organized site to easily access all the content. In addition, the categories assist in locating shows and cartoons better. 


  • The site has a clear interface.
  • It is known for delivering worldwide movies and shows. 
  • One can do HD quality streaming. 
  • One can easily locate and search shows here. 

Pros and cons:

A wide collection of content can be found here. Moreover, one goes through the dubbed and dubbed shows. However, the logging time may hinder as it has some bugs and errors. 

12. GogoAnime:

A classic anime site that has many worthy features to count. Moreover, you can watch shows without ad interruptions by downloading them easily. Here are some features that make the site worth your time. 


  • Categorization system
  • Subbed as well as dubbed series can be found
  • It can be streamed anywhere. 

Pros and cons:

One can access the website to stream any content they want. Moreover, one can easily stream using the built-in media player. However, it does not come with any parental control features. 

Ending note:

If you cannot stream KissCartoon, don’t worry. Instead, go through any of the websites mentioned above to keep the entertainment going.

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