Imgnn: Best Website to View and Download Instagram Images


Imgnn is a web based platform that allows you to save your Instagram stories. It, unlike other services, lets you download Insta videos and photos. It also permits anyone to access any public profile that is hidden. Users will be unaware that anonymous users have viewed their profile. We have discussed its benefits and commonly asked questions in this article.

What is Imgnn?

Your Instagram stories may be downloaded for free using ImgInn. It enables you to save Instagram videos and photos, unlike other apps. If you forget to back up a story before it goes, don’t panic; you can still retrieve it at any time.

Without making an account on any social media platform, non-Instagram users can also view stories on their phone or computer and store them for later. To begin, just type a username or a few hashtags into the search area.

The Instagram API is now accessible on the internet. Imgnn makes use of Instagram’s open API to let you explore and download other accounts’ stories and images. Additionally, it has a number of helpful features that come in handy when using the app.

On this platform, you may browse a variety of stories from numerous social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, and—most importantly—Instagram. While surfing our website, you can save any image or video that catches your attention. Whether it originates from a celebrity you follow or from friends who are merely sharing their life with everyone, it doesn’t matter.

Everything is in one spot for user convenience. Additionally, full-screen, high-resolution photos and shortened video clips are available. By doing this, the viewer won’t even have to wait to see how something was finished by someone else because it will already have been saved online and is ready to be viewed whenever it’s most suitable.

imgnn ImgInn

How to Create Imgnn Profile?

Before using Imgnn, you must create an account. Only a quick signup process is needed to get Instagram stories highlights.

  • Type in your email address first. It’s not necessary for it to be a business email.
  • If you wish to prevent others from accessing your account, create a password with at least 8 characters, one capital letter, one lowercase, and one number 1 symbol.
  • After you’ve finished, confirm your account by giving a telephone number and a name that anyone wishing to download stuff from your page might quickly recall.
  • Click Login and enter the username and password you chose when registering to access your new account.
  • All subsequent logins to the site using a smartphone or tablet will be simple and won’t require you to complete a new sign-up process. This greatly simplifies utilising the service.

How to Save Instagram Images and Stories?

Any public Instagram model or celebrity profile is available for browsing. To begin, simply stick to these easy steps.

  • Open up your web browser.
  • In the browser’s search bar, type “Imgnn”.
  • For convenience and better search results, you can also utilise Google to conduct a search by opening Google first.
  • Go to the first link, which is at The URL of the webpage will be on it.
  • There will be a search box when the page loads.
  • Press Search after entering any public Instagram profile whose stories or posts you want to view.
  • Stories and images can be archived. Additionally, captions can be copied.

More than just saving Instagram stories highlights, pictures, and videos may be done using Imgnn. Its ability to grab content from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube lends itself to a variety of uses. It goes without saying that many apps serve the same purposes, thus it’s crucial to avoid giving users too much information.

Imgnn Alternative Websites


Users of the free Picuki website can view the profiles, tags, posts, locations, and tales of other users. You can quickly look up the accounts of your friends to check their posts and followers.


You may now see and save Instagram photos and videos on Picuki. Additionally, it provides a variety of editing options, enabling you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your photos by cropping, resizing, and even applying filters.


A great application for viewing stories and saving video from your Instagram account is StoriesIG. With the use of this software, you are able to view all of the public account’s tales for free and in private.

To view or download photographs or other media from someone, just go to the StoriesIG feature, type in their username, then click View to see the result. Despite the fact that saving Instagram photos and videos only takes a single click. Without making an account, you can browse other people’s stories, highlights, and posts.


Without signing up or creating an account, you may explore the tales and images of any public Instagram account with InstaStories. Anyone with a PC, iPhone, or Android phone can view and download Instagram profiles’ stories, videos, and images.

By entering the username into the search field and pressing the search button, you may instantly read and download the postings. Additionally, by simply entering your chosen usernames, you can access the list of your favourite people anytime and anywhere you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use It on a Device Running Android?

Imgnn is a cloud-based web downloader therefore you can use it on an Android device without any issues. Sign in to your profile using your Google or Facebook ID in order for the app to access your photos directly from the Instagram server.

Then, start typing the names of the persons whose photographs you wish to download in the search field on the main screen, and they will appear as results just below search bar.

Is it safe to use Imgnn?

Because it is a third-party website, we cannot be certain. If you are surfing our website and concerned about your online safety, we cannot guarantee it, and we cannot guarantee it if you are concerned about it. It is a third-party site that draws all of its features from Instagram’s open API. It uses the official Instagram public API, but we’re not sure how secure it is.

How can I use ImgInn securely?

When visiting any site that puts your online security at danger, we always advise using a VPN. Instead of using a basic VPN, use a service that is known for its offerings.


ImgInn is a website that enables anonymous viewing of Instagram stories from public profiles. Both your Instagram profile and theirs allow you to save these posts and stories. We covered its features, as well as how to set up and use an Imgnn account, in the article above.

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