DUI Attorneys: What They Do and Why You May Need One

DUI Attorneys
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In every American State, it’s a crime to drive a vehicle under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and even prescription medications. But in most cases, people who get charged with drunk driving claim not to be drunk because the effect of the drink didn’t kick in immediately. 

We all make mistakes, and some can be more costly than others. If you get caught and charged with Driving Under Influence (DUI), the best resource you’d want to consider is employing a DUI attorney. 

A DUI attorney is a professional legal practitioner with vast experience in handling a wide variety of DUI cases. These attorneys exercise critical and creative thinking to develop the best possible defense for their clients.

While you may decide to represent yourself in court to save money, you may end up paying more money in fines and might even spend extra time in jail because you’ll present the prosecutor an opportunity to seek the maximum penalties without question. Keep in mind that if you lose the case while representing yourself, the consequences of such an offense can affect your dealings in the future. 

Losing a DUI case means you’ll face criminal charges, which gives you a criminal record, lose your license, do time, pay a large sum in fines, and probably encounter employment issues in the future. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to have a single criminal charge to your name. Your best bet would be contacting a DUI lawyer if you ever get caught driving under the influence. 

But you may be asking yourself, ‘’What is it a DUI lawyer does that you can’t do?’’ DUI lawyers do a lot of background work that requires professional skills. A good DUI lawyer would most likely push to dismiss the case or opt for reduced charges. Overall, an advantage of hiring a drunk driving attorney is that they understand the rules and consequences of DUI cases. 

Should I Hire a DUI Lawyer

Yes. If you get caught operating a vehicle under the influence, it’s in your best interest to employ a DUI lawyer. A DUI attorney will guide you on how to go about the case, seek to minimize the consequences of your crime, and build you a solid defense case. 

When you get arrested for DUI, it’s normal for insurance companies to reach out and try to trick you into acknowledging liability. But having a lawyer represent you will save you from saying anything that could be detrimental to your case. 

Now that you’re convinced a DUI lawyer is your best option if you get arrested for DUI, the following are the benefits of hiring a DUI attorney:

Save You Money 

One of the significant ways a DUI lawyer would help you is by saving you money. And it starts immediately after the arrest. If you know the right attorney to call, such a lawyer can deliberate with the law enforcement system to get you out of jail without paying a huge sum as bail. 

The better part is that a DUI lawyer can also prevent your license from getting revoked; so, you can drive to and from work without issues. You may be reluctant to hire a DUI lawyer because of the enormous legal fees involved. 

However, experienced drunk driving lawyers are excellent at navigating the legal system to favor their clients. And in a DUI case, you’ll not want to face the full wrath of the law. Hence, you’d like to consider getting the services of a DUI lawyer for your case.

DUI Attorneys
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Reduced Sentence

Another primary benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer is reduced sentencing. Most people arrested and charged with DUI are guilty of the crime, and there’s no way out of it if you failed the tests. 

But a competent DUI lawyer can ensure that you pay a particular sum in fines, do some community service, or attend classes instead of serving a jail term. It’s how these attorneys build their reputation. So, they understand the assignment when you hire them. 

And if you don’t know any competent DUI lawyer, you’d want to search ‘’best DUI lawyers near me’ on the Internet. No one is above mistakes, and you’d be surprised you may need the services of an experienced DUI lawyer someday. 

Less Time in Court 

Most times, the wheel of justice can turn very slowly. And you’d not want that to happen with your case. Imagine how stressful it’d be to take breaks from your everyday life to honor court appearances. I bet you wouldn’t like that. 

Without a DUI lawyer, your DUI case may be dragged for a long time, perhaps a year or more. But a good DUI lawyer – with his skills – is in the best place to help you accelerate the process and get you out of the mess without having to worry about the case. If you’re yet to get an experienced DUI attorney at your disposal, consider visiting https://www.louisgoodman.com/dui-attorney/ to get started.

Rights Protection

If you ever get caught for DUI, you’d want to avoid speaking with the police in the absence of your attorney. Your DUI lawyer is in the best place to advise you concerning plea bargains and sentencing options. And your attorney will also follow you through every step until a verdict is reached.

Represent You in Civil Court

In a case where an accident occurred, and it wasn’t your fault, or due to the carelessness of the other driver, you may want to file a civil lawsuit against the other party and their insurance company. In such a situation, a DUI lawyer will work with you and advise you on the best way to approach the case as a whole. 

Getting Your License Back

Once you get arrested for DUI, you should be prepared to have your driving license revoked or suspended. And it’ll remain that way unless a DUI lawyer interferes. 

A competent DUI attorney can advocate for retrieving your driving license – a feat you may find difficult to pull off if you were representing yourself.

Final Words

I could go on and on telling you about why a DUI lawyer is the best option if you get caught drunk driving. But the few points discussed above clearly show how much stress a DUI lawyer would save you. If I were you, I’d look for a DUI attorney near me today and save myself a great deal of stress when the need arises.