Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar Panels

There’s a massive shift toward people using green energy. As solar technologies become more prevalent, so do people’s choices to use them. One of the most popular options is solar panels. 

Solar energy is based on light. Electromagnetic radiation, also known as solar radiation, is light energy that is drawn from the sun. Solar technology works from storing the sun’s light and converting it into useful forms of energy called solar power. One of these types of technology (there are quite a few) is solar panels. If you are curious about using solar panels, your next question might be how long do solar pannels last.

Solar Panel Duration

As a general rule, the common benchmark for how long a solar panel lasts is between 25 to 30 years. However, as with any type of solar technology, a solar panel’s duration is based on a few factors. Those include:

  • How Well It’s Designed
  • What Materials Are Used To Make The Solar Panel
  • Placement of The Solar Panel
  • Good Maintenance of The Solar Panel

As far as the solar panel’s design and material makeup, it’s important to focus on the manufacturer. Some companies make great solar panels, while others will only be mediocre or worse.

Reasons Why Solar Panels Can Degrade

One of the top reasons that a solar panel loses function is simply a matter of time. Using the 25 to 30 year rule, solar technologies like solar panels do endure some wear-and-tear. However, if the solar panel is high-quality, the degradation rate is slow. 

The average estimate of solar panel degradation is about 0.8 percent annually. Yet, factoring in the cost of other types of energy sources, solar panels still maintain a high rate of efficiency, even decades later. In short, installing high-grade solar panels will still save money and provide tons of natural energy.

Things like extreme weather conditions, shoddy installation, and dirty panels can also strip down a solar panel’s efficiency.

Extending The Life of Solar Panels

As previously mentioned, opting for a premium quality solar panel is the first step toward extending its efficiency and usage. Most people wouldn’t buy a lemon of a car and expect it to last for a long time. The same is true of solar panels. However, there are other steps you could take to extend a solar panel’s life.

One of the most important things you can do is to keep the panels clean. Proper and routine maintenance of solar panels is a good way to ensure that they don’t become dirty and inefficient. Another way to keep a solar panel in a tip-top shape is to make sure they are properly installed and placed in an optimal area. Doing both will glean the best performance from a solar panel and keep you from spending money on replacing or reinstalling the original panels.

When you are choosing solar panels, look for a reputable company that can provide regular maintenance. This helps ensure that any necessary components and materials are regularly replaced. The company may also include solar panel cleaning as part of its routine maintenance.

Taking these steps is a solid way to make sure that solar panels will last for a good, long while.