Teacher Appreciation Day: All You Need To Know About This Special Day

Teacher Appreciation Day
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People from around the world teacher appreciation day is a much-celebrated day in the annual calendar. We know that teachers are nation-builders. It does not matter in which country you are. You cannot deny the huge contribution that teachers make towards shaping and guiding our careers in the rightest possible manner. In fact, without them, we would not have been able to progress in our life effectively. It is true that they receive remuneration for the job that they do. But, looking at the huge role that they play in our lives, that remuneration seems too little to make sense.

Therefore, on this special day, it is our duty to make our teachers feel loved and special. If you are trying to search the internet to know when is teacher appreciation day then let me inform you that in the US, it is on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. In fact, that week is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday is the main day of the celebration. There is a tradition among students to give various gifts to their teachers. In addition, special programs are also held in various schools to honour the teachers on that day. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this special day, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about this special day to celebrate our teachers.

A Bit Of History 

A Bit Of History 
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The US can thank President Roosevelt for formulating the first National Teacher Appreciation Day. This is due to the fact, it is he who made the Congress realise the importance of organising a day to thank and honour the teachers. However, before him, different states in the US had various individual days to celebrate the teachers in their own capacities. However, the idea of this day did not come from Roosevelt. Rather, it is a teacher named Mattye Whyte, who insisted many leaders of the education department initiate the celebration of this day.

One of her letters reached Roosevelt, who took the issue to Congress. However, the results were not prompt. It took 27 years for Congress to formulate a day to honour the teachers. 

When Is Teacher Appreciation Day 2023?

The teacher’s appreciation day is on 8th of May 2023. For instance, we will celebrate a whole week as teachers’ appreciation week, which starts on 8th May 2023 and ends on 12th May 2023.

Teachers Appreciation Day Celebration

Every year people look through the internet to know about the day to honour their teachers. Infact, in the previous year also, people in the US searched the internet to know teacher appreciation day 2022. This year too, the same trend is on the move. Therefore, let me inform you that this year, the date is the 8nd of May. However, this day to honour our teachers is celebrated on various dates throughout the world. 

Teacher Appreciation Day 2023

Activities On The Special Day 

The main aim of this special day is to honour our teachers and to make them feel special. Therefore, there are a series of activities that you can do to pay respect to your teachers. You can arrange an event in your school or coaching classes, to entertain your teachers. At the same time, giving special gifts to teachers is yet another way to thank your teachers heartily. You can also approach them and enquire about their needs and try to make arrangements in that manner. However, one day or week is not enough to thank your teachers for what they are doing for society. Thus, caring for and respecting our teachers throughout the year is a nice alternative to make them feel special.

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