Start the New Normal by Hiring COVID Cleaning Services Melbourne Has for Your Business

COVID Cleaning Services Melbourne
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Covid-19 is a health crisis that crippled most industries not only in Melbourne but also worldwide. But with diligence and creativity, cleaning companies were able to transition from disinfecting dirty attics to fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning companies started offering COVID cleaning services Melbourne area as a response to the health crisis affecting millions of people worldwide.

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Disinfecting your home or facility is not something that should be done only once. It has to be done regularly if you want your fight against COVID to be more effective. But not everyone has the means and manpower to regularly clean and disinfect their facility especially those common touchpoint areas. This is where COVID cleaning services Melbourne company comes in handy.

Why You Need COVID Cleaning Services Melbourne Company

Many businesses have recovered from the crippling effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is still much to be done to ensure that your workplace is safe for your returning workers. It’s not only your workers you need to worry about. Your clients and potential customers need assurance that your facility is virus-free. That is why you don’t just need cleaning services, you need a cleaning company in Melbourne that adheres to CDC’s cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

Implementing Guidelines on Cleaning and Disinfecting Areas

As a response to this global fight against COVID-19, selecting a reliable team of experts to clean and disinfect your workplace is crucial. This does not only protect you but also your workforce. A reliable cleaning company should:

Help you determine which areas need cleaning

Experts in COVID cleaning services Melbourne today know how to plan and identify which areas need regular cleaning depending on how many times people will potentially touch the surface. High-touch surface areas should be given top priority and should be cleaned at least once per day. If young children frequent the area, frequent cleaning should be implemented. The same applies to areas where people do not consistently wash their hands, wear masks or cover when they cough or sneeze.

Make sure to pick cleaners who are using top of the line cleaning products that are proven safe and effective. They should also use personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed while cleaning and/or disinfecting the area.

Help you implement cleaning and disinfecting

Reliable office cleaning services Sydney or Melbourne areas clean high-touch surfaces as necessary at least once a day. These surfaces include:

  • doorknobs

  • handles

  • elevator buttons

  • stair rails,

  • tables

  • light switches

  • counters

  • desks

  • faucets

  • toilets

  • sinks

  • keyboards

  • phones

  • pens

Choosing trustworthy cleaners assures you that you, your workforce and the other cleaning staff are also protected. They should follow the Australian Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training on the proper use of cleaning and disinfecting products.

Wearing gloves for the whole duration of the cleaning process serves as an added protection. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after cleaning is a good practice. Cleaners should wash their hands immediately after removing their gloves to avoid spreading bacteria on other surfaces. Using soap and water if the hands are visibly dirty is also recommended. Or they can use alcohol-based hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol content.

Take note of your employees who may have asthma as certain cleaning and disinfecting products may trigger an attack. Use products that are environmentally friendly and also safe for those with asthma conditions.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Is The New Normal

Covid-19 can survive for three days on metal surfaces, 2 days on plastics and 24 hours on cardboards. That is why it is important to clean and disinfect your workspaces regularly to prevent workers from getting sick and transmitting the illness to others. Cleaning helps ensure that your workers’ productivity is not compromised.

Make it part of your daily habit to clean surfaces even at home. To be sure, log online and type in “cleaners near me” on the Google search box. You will be directed to tonnes of cleaning companies in Melbourne to choose from. Or you can visit our blogs for other related content.