AWS Careers

AWS certification

AWS certification is one of the most talked-about fields in today’s market, it is important to understand the gravity of the situation and increase your awareness about what the AWS career has to offer. Let us start with the question Why?.

Why should an IT professional consider making a career in AWS? 

  • The Increasing Popularity 

We all are aware of the importance of cloud platforms, and the role they play in the current IT industry. With the emergence of Public Cloud Platforms, the IT industry has been provided with support. There are many popular cloud platforms in the market, and AWS certification is one of the most popular and most relied-on cloud platforms, which has opened the door for many IT professionals to make a successful career in the field.

AWS certification has its hands in many different services provided by a typical cloud platform provider company, such as IaaS (which stands for infrastructure as a service), further adding to the point statistics show that 33 percent of the IaaS service providers market is being held by AWS, following are Microsoft Azure and then Google Cloud Platform. We have only discussed IaaS which is one segment out of many other segments of the cloud platform service.

The other segments of the cloud platform services such as SaaS (stands for software as a service) and PaaS (stands for the platform as a service) have more market standing than IaaS, and also have AWS as their dominant player. AWS market value statistics promise enormous growth shortlyfastest-growing as the rate of exploiting the technology is only getting faster and faster. 

  • The need for AWS certification

Once you have completed the courses available and have understood and practiced well, you can go for the AWS certification. These certifications are important as they are the only means through which your AWS skills are being graded in the professional world. The certifications are reviewed by the employer or the recruiter, during the process of hiring. They are used to signal the employer that you are well qualified to become a professors developer and you have been through respectful preparation as these exams are no joke, they demand hard work and smart work from the individual. 

One more benefit of passing the AWS certification course is that you can access the AWS Partner Network. The respective network in itself is so powerful, as you are exposed to limitless opportunities, in terms of many job opportunities, various startup opportunities, handsome packages, higher AWS training, and valuable marketing resources. 

  • The Incredible Growth

AWS is the first in the market of public cloud service providers. There are many cloud platform service providers, but the most important thing that stands out for AWS is that they are the fastest-growing public cloud service provider in the market. In simple words, they deliver! The growth was possible, as they faced no competition for 7 long years, and 7 years in the market having no competition is only achievable by making the right decisions at right time, and then successfully executing those actions. 

  • The employment imbalance 

The imbalance that has been created between job postings and job seekers has created a scarcity of talented AWS professionals in the current market. The ratio ranges between 6 to 12 which is a good sign for professional IT developers as they will not face any difficulty to find new and better jobs. It is now a regular complaint from employers and recruiters that they are not able to find and hire the right individual (skilled in cloud computing). According to the current market conditions, the employment situation for AWS professionals will remain the same for the coming years. 

Emerging technologies

We all are aware of artificial intelligence, Right?! Artificial intelligence has become a very important part of the current IT industry and is present in all sectors from controlling machines to building software and applications. We cannot neglect the role that AI plays. Machine learning has now become the basis for many applications and such algorithms are the future of the IT industry. The constant growth of AI and machine learning fields has directly affected the growth and demand for public cloud service providers. The two important segments (AI and machine learning) are only going to grow even further in the future, which results in the increased employment of AWS professionals for handling the public cloud service platforms. We can easily say that AWS has become an important part of the IT industry and the industries working employees as AWS helps to make the work easier for them. 

Start learning AWS

Before building a career in AWS, it is important to first learn the basics that a field demands. There are various skills and certifications courses that you can use to your advantage and build a strong resume for yourself. 

The vast ocean of knowledge: Internet 

In the initial years of AWS course developments, probably around 2013, the courses available at that time were hard to get, but nowadays it has become very easy to study the basics and get familiar with AWS. Various websites offer free online coaching and also provide study materials, test series, etc. But it is important to first know your choices as sometimes ineffective courses can waste your time and energy. You can also opt for offline coaching academies, and benefit from them. 

The factors that you should consider before opting for any AWS course are first to consider your budget, if you can afford paid courses then go for them otherwise there are plenty of free online courses available from which you can choose the best that fits you; second the time investment, the time that you want to put in, many students are reading this article if you are one of them you can go for courses that demand 4-5 hrs daily and if you are already into the field being discussed and further want to increase your knowledge you can go for courses that demand 2-3 hrs daily; and finally the quality of the material, it is always best to learn from the best educator available as you can learn effectively more in some period as compared to learning from courses that are not that well designed. 

In the end, it’s all up to you

The number of AWS career paths that you opt for is almost countless. You are provided with many choices and can select based on your liking. 

Some important terms: 

What do you understand by the term Role?

They involve cloud practitioners, operations, architects, and developers.

What do you understand by the term Solution?

They involve storage, machine learning, and AWS media services.

AWS certification

AWS FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL CERTIFICATION (1 certification in total) AWS Cloud Practitioner – Foundational Stands for the introductory level. It provides the candidate with a basic understanding of how cloud service platform services and AWS works.
AWS ASSOCIATE LEVEL CERTIFICATIONS (3 certifications in total) AWS Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

The course provides a more in-depth understanding of AWS architecture, the various development methods and the numerous operations that are required. 
AWS PROFESSIONAL LEVEL CERTIFICATIONS (2 certifications in total) AWS Solutions Architect – Professional

AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional

The various methods used for AWS architecture are explained in detail and provide a more deep understanding of the engineering that goes with it. 
AWS SPECIALTY CERTIFICATIONS (3 certifications in total) Advanced Networking – Specialty

Security – Specialty

Big Data – Specialty

The other specialty areas that are required to have a better understanding of AWS, in general, are explained. These fields are required for the overall development of AWS skills.