Handyman Near Me: The Complete Career Trajectory

Handyman Near Me
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You probably already know what a handyman is if you’ve seen Bob the Builder or MacGyver from the 1980s. A handyman is a person with ingenuity who is able to use the tools at his disposal to fix things and solve problems. Many people aspire to this career at large and the first step to do so is by looking for a handyman near me in search engines like Google. We shall here evaluate the career trajectory for a Handyman. The intriguing aspects of such a career will be tabulated here.

Some Handyman Near Me Options 

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Mr. Handyman of Greater Tulsa 311 West Washington St S, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, United States
Everetts Affordable Handyman Services, LLC Tulsa
Rogers Handyman Services El Dorado, KS


The primary role of a Handyman near me

The primary role
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A handyman’s primary responsibility is to carry out maintenance and repair tasks, which may involve electrical, plumbing, or woodworking skills. Installing appliances, maintaining equipment, and putting together work supplies are among the responsibilities. In addition, they provide individualized service and resolve mechanical issues. So if you feel that you can handle these roles, then do consider a career as Handyman near me.

Relevant work experience of Handyman near me 

Handymen must have relevant work experience in at least one field, such as plumbing, carpentry, or even painting, in order to be hired. The majority of handymen acquire their skills through on-the-job apprenticeships and typically hold at least a high school diploma. They get paid $18 an hour on average. Since they acquire skills while on the job, there are tremendous learning opportunities found here.

What Does a Handyman Do? 

To completely fulfill their duties, many handymen possess certain skills. We were able to narrow down the most common skills required for this position by reviewing resumes. We found that many resumes mentioned having dexterity, troubleshooting skills, and customer service skills.

What Does a Handyman Do? 
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How to be a handyman near me?

It is natural to wonder how you can become a handyman near me. If you want to work as a handyman, one of the first things you should think about is how much education you need.21.4% of handymen have a bachelor’s degree, according to our findings. We discovered that 1.6% of handymen have a master’s degree or higher. It is possible to become a handyman with only a high school diploma or GED, despite the fact that some handymen hold college degrees.

The career path of a Handyman near me

 In addition to diversifying your job search, considering a career path specific to your position might be beneficial. Our vocational ways are particularly point-by-point with pay changes. For instance, if you started as a maintenance technician, you might eventually advance to a position like a foreman. Project superintendent could be your title at some point in your career.

Earning potential to reckon with 

Earning potential to reckon with 

The average annual salary for handymen in the United States is $44,648, or $21 per hour. The top 10% earn more than $61,000 annually, while the bottom 10% earns less than $32,000 annually. There is thus a great variance observed in the collective earning potential of such professionals.

The main skills you need as a handyman near me

 The skills section of your resume can be just as crucial as the experience section, so it’s important to show what you can do well there. Fortunately, we have discovered all of the skills you will require, so even if you do not yet possess these skills, you are aware of what needs improvement.21.2% of handymen’s resumes included a section on customer service, but other soft skills like customer service skills and dexterity are also important.


With passing time, the career trajectory of a Handyman is improving as we explored here. If you feel interested, then do consider it as a career.

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