Do I need an orthodontist or dentist? Find The Best Dentist in Austin, Texas!

Best Dentist in Austin

Are you curious about what type of professional you need to fix your smile? If you need the best dental implants in chandler, do you need a dentist or an orthodontist? If you find that your teeth are not looking good, you have skipped your oral hygiene for a few months, and your gums are hurting, then finding a professional to take care of your health issues is key to being able to avoid any disease and long-term consequences. Figuring out the root cause of the problem is key to identifying and fixing any concerns with your gums, teeth, mouth, and oral hygiene as a whole.

Find out what type of professional you should use when it comes to fixing your smile, helping your gums, and getting rid of any concerns you have with your smile and the appearance of your teeth. Use the best dentist Austin Texas from Enamel Dentistry!

Finding an orthodontist vs. dentist in Austin, Texas – Which one should I use?

What are the main differences between an orthodontist and a dentist – and which one do I need? Although people may be confused as to the differences between these two healthcare professions, there are vast differences that are key to understanding when treating your oral hygiene concerns. 

Although both of these professionals can fall into the scope of “dentistry” – which basically just refers to oral care and hygiene of your teeth – the dentist and orthodontist have different specialties. Dentistry refers to anything that deals with your mouth as a whole – such as your gums, teeth, and nerves. However, orthodontists focus on a subset of dentistry that deals with the arrangement of your teeth, correcting deformities in your mouth, and helping the straightness of your smile. Arguably, the main difference between an orthodontist and a dentist in Austin, Texas is that all orthodontists are dentists- but not all dentists are orthodontists in practiced medicine.

How are orthodontists and dentists similar? The main comparison and similarity between these two professions is that they both focus on issues with the mouth and oral care concerns. Although an orthodontist can provide some of the same services that could be found with a dentist, finding the best dentist in Austin, Texas is key to fixing teeth and gum issues.

And how do they differ? If you are debating where to find an orthodontist or dentist in Austin, Texas, then knowing the differences is key to figuring out what professional you need. The difference between ortho and dentist is that the former requires more schooling and focus on tooth alignment – not necessarily oral hygiene health. On the other hand, dentists mainly focus on oral hygiene and help with teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, and tooth decay concerns. Orthodontists focus on fixing aesthetic and structural concerns like deformations in the mouth, misaligned teeth, and an overbite/underbite. 


Concerned about who to hire for your oral hygiene needs? If you are debating whether to use an orthodontist or dentist, you need to find out the differences and similarities. Find the best dentist in Austin, Texas to help you with tooth decay, gum disease, crowns, or teeth whitening!