Down South: The Best Cities in Texas To Live In

Down South The Best Cities in Texas To Live In

Making a move to Texas will give you plenty of opportunities when it comes to finding an ideal city to live in. You’ll have plenty of choices, from small towns to big cities and everything in between.

The right city for you will depend on your own unique living circumstances and lifestyle. 

Cities in Texas can satisfy large families, single business entrepreneurs, college-goers, and more! Once you know you want to make the move to the Lone Star State, the next step is determining which city will be the right fit for you. In the guide below, you’ll discover some of the best cities to live in Texas. 

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The culture, job market, safety, and affordability ratings in Austin, Texas are outstanding. The nearby university brings in people from all around the world. Austin is also home to several large corporations, such as Dell and Apple. 

If you’re moving to Austin with the hope of finding a new job, you shouldn’t have much trouble doing so. This city is also a great place to enjoy local festivals, celebrations, and other activities. If you enjoy the thought of having a celebration in your own backyard on a regular basis, then Austin might be the perfect location for you. 

Before making the move, be sure to read through this guide, which gives all the details you need to know about moving to the area. 

Dallas-Fort Worth

The cost of living in Dallas-Fort Worth is higher than in many other cities, but the average salary in this city is higher as well. If looking for work during the move, you’ll find big names such as AT&T, Bank of America, and American Airlines as well. 

Here, you’ll find all the things you love about big cities, such as professional sports teams, lots of shopping, a vibrant nightlife, and other major attractions as well. The great thing about living here is you’ll be able to experience all of the qualities of a large city while living in the suburbs. 

Dallas-Fort Worth is also home to the University of Texas at Dallas. Because of this, it’s a highly-educated area and is a great place to call home if you’re attending the university. 


When looking for work, Houston is the place to find it. This city is home to many different Fortune 500 Companies. Living here is affordable as well.

Energy and health care workers can find many job opportunities here, which will make for a comfortable living in this city. Houston also hosts many local events to keep you busy. You’ll find plenty of live music and major league sports also. 

The restaurant scene and the culture here are remarkable and will make for a wonderful home for families and singles alike. 

San Antonio 

In San Antonio, you’ll find a growing job market along with a low cost of living. It’s also one of the largest cities in the country and is home to many different events, attractions, and fun activities to take part in. Sea World and Six Flags both call San Antonio home, along with many other popular events each year.

If you enjoy watching sports, visiting new restaurants, and browsing through museums, then this could be the city for you. Job seekers can find employers such as Toyota, USAA, and more. 

If you live to party, celebrate, and immerse yourself in a diverse culture, San Antonio could be the perfect home for you. 


Plano is an area that hosts some amazing schools and a low crime rate. Because of these qualities, Plano is an ideal location for families. Job seekers will find employers such as Bank of America, Cigna, PepsiCo, and more! 

The growth rate here is increasing as many people flock to Planto for business opportunities and the diverse culture. Do keep in mind, the population isn’t the only thing on the rise. The median home value here is sure to increase over time as well.

If you believe Plano could be a perfect fit for you, then be sure to make the move fast before home prices rise! 

El Paso

For those looking for cultural or recreational opportunities, El Paso is the place to be. There’s lots of culture to soak in during the variety of annual festivals that take place here. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to do and sights to see, which make for some amazing recreational options. 

El Paso also has a strong sense of community, social support, and health. Other great qualities this city has to offer are its low housing costs. For affordable living opportunities, lots of culture, and plenty of things to do outdoors, El Paso is the place to be. 

College Station

College Station is in the center of Texas and is home to Texas A&M University, which is where it gets its name. Texas A&M University is one of the largest universities in the country and brings in over 60,000 students as a total enrollment number.

With that being said, College Station still finds a way to give its residents that small-town feel so many people look for. 

The cost of living here is low, which is expected in a college town. You’ll also enjoy the number of amenities for bicycle riders and pedestrians, as College Station is all for green living. 

You Must Consider These Cities in Texas

Are you making a move to Texas in the near future? When planning your move, be sure to consider these cities in Texas and choose an area that’ll compliment your lifestyle the best. 

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