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Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Strategies in 2019

In today’s competitive market , companies are facing cut-throat competition in terms of every aspect. Having a planned and Creative digital marketing strategy can easily help in gaining the top position in the market. Digital marketing campaigns are the plan of action which are executed by following the strategy depending on the industry.

Here are the Examples:

Digital Marketing Campaigns of some of the famous companies :

  1. Zappos digital marketing strategy

One of the most leading shoe company in the industry, Zappos sets the gold standard for online customer care. They have a stellar digital marketing strategy. They invest heavily in online market campaigns and their social media campaigns are something to look for. Their main aim is to focus on the needs and wants of customers and not on their own needs and wants. Listening to your audience and understanding them is a key part of the digital marketing world.

2. Single Grain and Eric Slu digital marketing strategy

Single grain and eric slu are all about Omnipresence i.e bring your content to all the online platforms. They have their own Lifesize podcasts, a blog which publishes marketing content 4x weekly, And an awesome Youtube channel.

3. American Express digital marketing strategy

Their main aim is to create a community of value. Their huge amount of money is invested in open forums website. In this forum websites, they invite authors from other working sectors who share their knowledge in business. The result is a relevant and rich media site which is popular with search engines.

4. Mint digital marketing strategy

Mint created a digital marketing strategy in which they published hundreds of high-quality content pieces from informative blog to viral attention-grabbing infographics like data privacy day which give value to their customers and help in growing their business.

As a result, their website gained a whooping following

5. Dollar Shave club digital marketing strategy

Today this company have huge amount of followers, they have boosted $200 million in sales within 5 years and has snagged almost 7 percent of the shaving market. Their promotional video has been viewed over 25 million times and the company was acquired for over $1 billion by Unilever

6. The wirecutter digital marketing strategy

They are the king of affiliate marketing. They have a list of best cameras and smartphones and they help customers in choosing the best gadgets. This site was generating $150 million in e-commerce transaction per year.

7. Slack digital marketing strategy

It is a collaboration tool that allows to communicate more efficiently and share files on one easy platform. On the launch, they had 14000 users and now they have up to 2 million active daily users. Their secret of success is to deliver high-quality customer experience. They respond to up to 10000 tweets each month

8.Airbnb digital marketing strategy

“Their advanced promoting procedure depends basically on client produced pictures and recordings on Fb, Instagram, Twitter, how-to recordings and post outfitted towards proprietors and prevalent city guides.”

9. JetBlue digital marketing strategy

In this world, every company focuses on bragging about their services and offers. Instead of doing that JetBlue helps consumers and provides easy and fast service. Their entire social feed is filled with @replies which is difficult to see in today’s world.

10. Yelp digital marketing strategy

Their idea of combining social networking website and online reviews was genius. Yelp has 170 million monthly visitors and 148 million reviews.

Another famous example which proved to be a success for its reviews and social media presence is DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE. This institute has gained leads by following the strong marketing strategies and has targeted audience in a measurable way.

11. Mastercard digital marketing strategy

They have implemented one of the best ads campaigns. They first connected with suffering and then insert themselves into the world series conversation. They built a campaign “Sound of Priceless” which was a huge hit. When the Cubs won the final game of the world series the results were priceless.

12. Domino’s digital marketing strategy

Their goal was to make their pizza as easy to order as possible from any of your favorite hardware. They started with letting customers ordered via twitter. Then it expanded with the addition of Amazon Alexa and FB messenger chatbot. It made buying your pizza extremely convenient.

13.Tesla digital marketing strategy

Their success on social media websites is amazing. They rank among the top 3 most mention brands on Twitter. And their twitter engagement numbers completely crush the competition. And they only tweet as little as 4 times in a month. It is also due to the popularity and activity of Elon Musk. The second element is their success in Livestream events.

14. Mr clean digital marketing strategy

They received over 11700 mentions on facebook, twitter, and Instagram in just one minute. Their youtube video has received over 17 million views. They also launched a super trailer for their super bowl ad on facebook and twitter to promote or build some hype.

15.KFC’s 11 herbs and spices digital marketing strategy

Last September KFC made a bold move. They only followed 11 people. They didn’t make a big deal about it. There was no announcement and not even a tweet.

The 11 people they chose were significant too: the 5 spice girls and 6 random guys named herb. The tweet has alone over 318170 retweets, 700000 likes and 5000 comments. It was famous and it generated tonnes of memes, Reddit at a minimal cost.


You can take inspiration from these massive companies and frame your strategy according to your businesses. Follow these strategies and develop your own strategy and in no time your strategy will be considered in one of the best digital marketing campaigns in the world

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