How to Maximize Your Link Performance Using a URL Shortener? (2022)

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Marketing has evolved, and social media has become the center of all activity. There is a chance that you can achieve high results if you carefully plan your social media strategy. But planning isn’t where your efforts should stop; there is a significant need to look for outcomes of your hard work. Many often ignore this step, and they don’t know if they have been sharing the wrong link all along. 

Tracking and managing your links helps you determine which links can be used further and which aren’t working. URL shorteners help you achieve this for you. Want to know what else a URL shortener can do for you? We have listed seven ways through which you can maximize and improve the performance of your links. 

7 Ways to Maximize and Improve Your Link Performance 

  • Track Your Success and Failures

Well, you have worked hard and formed a marketing strategy for your campaign. But you forgot to look at whether the links you have shared on your social media platforms are working. That’s a complete waste of both resources and labor. You need to check how your link is performing and which one is gathering more click-throughs. Link shorteners can help you in doing so. These tools can help you find analytics about your link, and you can collect data to alter your marketing strategy successfully. You can see how your prospects react to your links and how many become your customers. 

  • Enhances Your Branding Efforts

Customers prefer to click on visually appealing things like a branded link. A custom URL can show a professional image of your company and boost your efforts on social media. Using a custom URL link shortener like Pixelfy can improve your CTR as no one prefers to click on links that don’t tell them where they are going. Knowing that you are promoting that connection with your brand gives your prospects a sense of security that it is not a spam link. 

  • Get More Shares

You are posting on social media so that your product or service can reach a wider audience. But if your well-crafted post contains a link that doesn’t look so clickable, then no one would like to share that link with anyone. A branded link boosts the chances of your links being shared by a wider audience. This way, you can increase the number of potential customers through one custom link. 

  • Find Out Where Traffic is Coming on Your Website

There are always hidden sources of traffic that make it challenging to determine where the traffic is coming from. These hidden sources are referred to as dark social. You can’t tell on which site your prospects were before coming to your site; this stops you from boosting your strategy for that particular site. Through URL shorteners, you can find those sites. These dark social spots often occur because users share your site link by copying it and pasting it on WhatsApp, email, and other sharing apps. But your URL shortener saves the data to find where users originally shared the link.

Traffic is Coming on Your Website
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  • Get Paid

You can use URL shorteners to get paid, also. Many URL shorteners customize links that direct users to an intermediate page before taking them to your website. This intermediate page can be used to display ads that can earn revenue for you. This ad can be for any of your products which can, in turn, boost your sales, or you can put ads for brands you often collaborate with to increase their sales and get paid. 

  • Character Counts

URL shortener helps you shorten links so you can attract more users with the content you share and a branded URL. Long links make your post look unappealing, and it often consumes characters that users can use to add something meaningful to your post. You can’t post such links on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 

  • Better Group Links

Ever thought that it could be better if you could share many links that are related to each other in one link? URL shortener makes that possible for you. You can add more than one link in a custom link so that your link can boost the performance of more than one website URL. You can group your campaign page with a product page and your main website. It is often called a link in the bio. It boosts both the performance of your URLs and your sales. 


Making your link shorter isn’t the only thing that can help you get traffic; well-crafted content and carefully planned strategies are equally necessary. URL shorteners can do more than make your link look appetizing; they can track, analyze and compare the performance of your links. It saves you the time and money you would have spent using other tracking tools. 

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