CNN Anchor Don Lemon Salary, Net Worth 2020 & Spouse Stephanie Ortiz

don lemon
Don Lemon is an American television journalist who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He has recently made the headlines himself for his teary.

To begin with, Don Lemon is a television journalist in the United States of America. As mentioned in the title of the article, he works for CNN. CNN is one of the best news reporting channels in the world. He is a famous journalist in the industry. Even more, he is a significant reporter in the television and news industry.

Read through the article to know more about Don Lemon. The article will include information on the personal and professional life of Don Lemon.

Who is Don Lemon?

As stated earlier in the article, he is a journalist in America. He currently works as a news anchor on a popular news channel. The name of the channel is CNN.

Don was born in 1966. The exact date of birth of the journalist is 1st March 1966. Furthermore, his birth took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States of America. He is currently 54 years old and a handsome Journalist. As per his birth date, he belongs to Pisces zodiac sign. The anchor stands tall at 6 feet weighing 79 kgs.

In addition to this, Don is American by nationality. Further, his Ancestry is traced to France. His grandfather was a French descendant. Apart from this, his ancestry can also be traced to Nigerian and Cameroonian. But there is no information on his parents and siblings. Yet, the name of his sister is known. His sister L’ Tanya Lemon Grimes (Leisa) died at the age of 58.

Further, the cause of her death as per police reports is accidental drowning. However, apart from his sister, not much is known about Don’s family.

Which school did Don Lemon go to?

Coming to the schooling, the Journalist, he went to Baker High School. Don went to a local high school in the town of Baker. The school Baker High School was located in East Baton Rouge Parish. In high school, the journalist was very famous.

Even more, he won the election for class president in his senior year. On completing high school he went for higher education. After Baker high school, Don went to Louisiana State University. Later on, he went to Brooklyn College, New York in the United States of America.

At Brooklyn College, Don majored in broadcast journalism. Even more, during his days at Brooklyn College, he was working as a news assistant at WNTW. It was during Don working as an assistant that he got a job at FOX News.

But a big break in the Career of Don Lemon was after graduation. On completing his course in broadcast journalism he became a correspondent for NBC. Check out the latter part of the article for more information about the Career of Don Lemon.

A note on the career of Don Lemon

Don Lemon began his career by working as a weekend anchor. He enters the media industry as a journalist at a very young age. He was working as a weekend anchor for WBRC and WCAU before moving to become an investigative reporter. The anchor was an investigative reporter for KTVI and later on a reporter for NBC news.

Later on, in September of 2006, he joined CNN. At CNN his work is very bold and he questioned the publicity of the network. He has also voiced different ways for African –American community to improve their lives. He was also a host for CNN New Year’s Eve specials.

After this, in 2017 October, he began receiving threats on his life. In this broadcast after 2018, he began with a controversial opening line. The line was “This is CNN Tonight, I’m Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist”

CNN anchor Don Lemon was one of the critics of the Trump administration in America. His accusation of Trump’s racism has made him a huge target. White supremacy in America targeted Don Lemon for his opening line and criticism of the Trump administration.

Currently, he continues to work on the CNN news channel. He is one of the highest-paid employees or reporters at CNN.

Who is Don Lemon dating?

Don Lemon, in the year 2011, came out as gay publically through memoir, Transparent. Even more, he is one of the few reporters who are openly gay in America. Apart from this, Don has also spoken about the abuse. He suffered abuse sexually as a child.

Life is hard for reporter Don Lemon, but he has not given up yet. In support of the gay community, he dedicated his book to a college student. The name of the college student was Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide. Tyler jumped off to his death after his roommate made public his sexual preference.

But answering the question, the anchor was dating Tim Malone. He met Tim, a real estate agent, in the year 2017. Soon after meeting one another, they began dating. Later on in the year 2019, they got engaged. So, currently, Tim is the finance of Don Lemon.

What awards did Don Lemon?

The CNN anchor is the proud holder of three Emmy awards. Also, he won another award for the brave report of hurricane Katrina. Furthermore, in 2009 Don was among the top 150 influential African-American by Ebony. In addition to this, he also has won criticism from several people for his works. But no hurdle has stopped Don Lemon from doing his job.

What is the Don Lemon Salary and net worth ?

As stated repeatedly in the article, he is one of the famous journalists in America. He was a reporter and an anchor for various news channels in his work. His net worth recent estimation is around 10 – 12 million US dollars and He earns a salary of about $125000 per year. In addition to this, he owns a house and a condo in New York, USA.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Don Lemon is a famous CNN anchor in America. He is also the highest-paid new reporter in the industry. Don is openly gay and engaged to Tim.

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