Jennifer J. Cummings – Bio, Net Worth, Daughter Of Elijah Cumming

Jennifer J Cummings

In the first place, Jennifer J Cummings is the daughter of Elijah Cumming. Elijah is a politician in the United States of America. He died in 2019 due to health issues that he was battling for a long time. On the other hand, Jennifer is a communication strategist. She in fact never went into politics.

Read through the article to know about Jennifer J Cumming. The article will contain information on Elijah and his daughter Jennifer Cumming.

Who is Jennifer J Cumming?

As mentioned above, Jennifer is the daughter of the Politian Elijah Cumming. Her father is no more, as he passed away. His death took place on 7 October 2019. Jennifer is famous in the US as the daughter of a Politian. She is working as a senior communication strategist.

For more information on professional life of Jennifer, read the latter part of the article. Further, the article will also include information on Elijah Cumming.

Who was Elijah Cumming?

A simple answer to the question is that Elijah Cumming is a Politian. He is a Politian in the United States of America. In addition to being a Politian, he is also a civil rights activist.
Before his death, Elijah was working for the House of Delegation. In fact, he was the chairman of the house of delegation in Maryland.

  1. Elijah Cumming as a Politician

As mentioned in the above paragraph Elijah is a US Politian. Earlier, he was serving as chairman of the house of delegation in Maryland. His work as a public servant was outstanding. Later on, he was promoted to be a US representative.Before the death of Elijah, he was a US representative for the 7th Congressional district. Even more, he was the first African -American to be Speaker Pro Tempore.

  • Death of Elijah Cumming

Unfortunately, the civil activists and Politian Elijah Cumming died recently. His death took place on 17th October 2019. Elijah was in fact struggling with health issues for a long time. Finally, his health problems took a toll on him and led to his death.

Further, his death was hard on family and friends. Even more, the entire country was in shock by the death of Elijah Cumming. The attendance of Elijah Cumming funeral includes Obama and Clinton. Also, Clinton and Obama paid their respects to Cumming family through their speech.

Overall the service was a heartfelt event leaving everyone in tears.

Who was Elijah Cumming married to?

Elijah Cumming and Joyce Mathew’s marriage took place in the year 1982. Later on, the couple had a daughter. The daughter is none another than Jennifer J Cumming. Joyce Mathews, the mother of Jennifer is Elijah’s first wife. Later he married Rockeymoore, the second wife of Elijah. He married Rockeymoore in 2008.

Apart from Jennifer, he also had two children from previous relationships. He had a daughter and a son. The name of the daughter is Adia Cumming, but the name of the son is unknown. Adia is the step-sister of Jennifer Cumming.

When and where was Jennifer J Cummings born?

To begin with, Jennifer, the daughter of Elijah Cumming was born in the year 1985. Her birth took place in Maryland, Baltimore. Further, her father, Elijah, is a politician, and her mother, Joyce Mathews, a professional is unavailable. She is currently 35 years old. Also, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

she spent her early days with her family in Maryland. Jennifer Cumming belongs to the African American community. Furthermore, she holds an American nationality and follows Christianity. Finally, Jennifer was very close to her father Elijah Cumming.

In her childhood days, Jennifer liked spending time with her grandparents. The names of her grandparents are Ruth and Robert Cumming. She spent most of her time in their house. Apart from her grandparents she also has an Uncle James Cumming.

How tall is Jennifer Cumming?

To begin with, Jennifer J Cummings is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs around 55 kgs. Even more, Jennifer is a huge fitness freak. As far as physical appearance, she has a toned body. Lastly, she has beautiful dark brown hair and eyes.

A note on the education of Jennifer

Coming to her schooling, she studied in her hometown. She went to Maryland High school. While studying, Jennifer was a very active student. Jennifer did well at school.

After graduating from high school, she went to college. Jennifer attended Maryland and Howard universities respectively. Both the universities that Jennifer went to are located in the USA. She holds a master’s degree.

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Later on, he began her career in the private sector. Firstly, she worked as a senior communication strategist at Fratelli Group. Jennifer spent 12 long years at the company.

What does Jennifer do for a living?

Her earlier job was at the Fratelli group as the head of media relations. Here, she was an advocacy for a large number of clients. The company Fratelli was one of the best companies in the US. It is promoting issues in US trade and agriculture. But she left the company some time back.

Now, Jennifer is working for a different company. The name of the company is Business Roundtable. Today, Jennifer works as the director of communication in Business Roundtable. This company aims at promoting the US economy by providing opportunities for all Americans.

Who is Jennifer J Cummings dating?

The world is eager to know about the personal life of Jennifer Cumming. But unfortunately, there is not much to tell about her personal life. She is an unmarried woman, but she has a boyfriend.

However, the name of the boyfriend is not available. We all have to wait for Jennifer to disclose the name. Further other information on her boyfriend.

What is the net worth of Jennifer Cumming?

There is no information about the net worth of Jennifer J Cummings. But as she is working as director of communication, she makes a lot of money. In addition to this, she also comes from a well to do family. So, her net worth is in millions without a doubt.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Jennifer J Cumming is the daughter of civil activist and Politian Elijah Cumming. Her mother is Joyce Mathews, the first wife of Elijah. She is currently single and 35 years old.

Jennifer works as a senior communication strategist. Also, she is very close to her mother and the rest of the family.

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