Jonathan Bennett – Why is Bennett’s Coffee Cup Trending?

Jonathan Bennett Coffee

Jonathan Bennett coffee incident has been – a mishap that turned into a treat for his fans. Yes, an innocent mistake from the Mean Girls star has made it into the headlines. Moreover, you can see a huge meltdown of his hard-core fans on the internet. Just keep reading to know what exactly happened with Jonathan.

Who is Jonathan Bennett?

Jonathan Bennett came into this world on 10th June 1981. He was born in Ohio, United States. Well, he is a film producer and celebrity actor. Furthermore, the 40-year-old actor is quite famous for his outstanding roles in a number of films and TV shows. Surely, you will know about his iconic role in Mean Girls.

Now, about his family. Sadly, not much is available about his parents. But, he has 3 siblings – Lisa, Brian, and Brent Bennett. On the other hand, his height is 6 ft 2 in and his weight is 78 kg.

Jonathan Bennett Coffee

Jonathan Bennett coffee incident

Jonathan Bennett is a popular star who did a great job in the Mean Girls show. His fame came from his good acting as the character Aaron Samuels. Recently, he uploaded a picture of himself in a poolside with a coffee cup. But, did a simple mistake before uploading that picture. Yes, he failed to notice a reflection from his cup which is the cause of this huge fuss.

On 20th February 2021, Jonathan uploaded a picture with his espresso shot as he was enjoying the sun. Well, that cup reflected and revealed something that he purely didn’t know. Yes, that picture showed that the star was nude. Now, you know why his fans went gaga over him.

The career path of Jonathan

Jonathan loved to perform in his middle school and high school plays. And, that led to him studying theatre at the Otterbein college. Of course, he didn’t complete his degree in college. Rather, he decided to go straight into acting. Well, you can say that’s how he became the host of the Cake Wars show by Food Network in 2016.

Another noteworthy role of this actor is in the comedy film Mean Girls. Here, he played Aaron Samuels, a romantic lead. Then, he got roles in popular TV series like Veronica Mars and All my children. Also, he did a role in the film “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”.

The net worth of Jonathan Bennett

Of course, loyal fans are curious to know the current net worth of their favourite star. Well, according to popular sources, it looks like his net worth will be around 1 million dollars. Obviously, most of this money is due to his hard work and successful career. After all, he gets a good amount of money as a film producer and actor in the USA. However, there are some reports, stating that he is getting rich by other unknown means as well.

Relationships of Jonathan Bennett

First, he was in a relationship with Elizabeth Hendrickson for around 2 years. Then, he met Stephanie Pratt in 2012. After that, Jonathan came out as gay. At that time, he dated Matt Dallas. Now, he is in a relationship and got engaged to Jaymes Vaughan.

Jonathan Bennett

Well, that’s all there is about the Jonathan Bennett coffee incident. Whether this mistake was an intentional one or not, one thing is sure. And, that is – his fans are keen about their favourite star.

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