Illustration and its Significance for Building an Impact on the Children’s Perception!

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Kids see the world differently and we all know that because we all have been through the experience of being a kid. Even if we would not have been through it, we could have observed that from the widening of the kids’ eyes in our surroundings while they saw something new and the spreading of their lips to turn into a smile when presented with something that tapped their fanciful imagination.

Illustrators and graphic designers who work in the areas of the design industry that are focused around the children need to understand the perception of the children to become successful at what they do. The kids do not understand the illustrations as narratives that display concrete ideas and present vivid concepts. They concentrate on the illustrations and build their unconscious or conscious associations with them. That is, an illustrator can feed the young minds in subtle ways and so, can send a positive or negative message to them with the art while the naïve minds of the kids will be taking the whole abstract concepts without analyzing them.

This is just to recognize the influence of the visuals that are presented to the kids in the format of illustrations as a part of educational or entertaining content. With this much impact and power, illustrators need to be very careful about the details of their content. They can be as creative with their ideas and art as they want yet, none of their styles or choices should represent things inappropriately. The idealization and fancifulness of their art should not be neglecting the realities and the concepts of rights and wrongs that are the foundation of any good society.

Children’s book illustration styles can be utilized positively to spread the correct concepts and convey a constructive message to the young minds who are like a blank slate that can be filled with anything. Good illustrations can be an excellent source to enhance the impact of moral stories and educational content. Use it for the right things and it will add value to your services to the society as an artist.

One more thing that needs to be discussed here is that artists need to use simplistic drawings when trying to convey a concept to them. That is because too much of complexity in your art can confuse them and make it heavy on their minds that is too curious to take complexity with ease and too naïve to make sense of it. Take care of this factor to further enhance the functionality of your works. Simplicity here implies that they do not present any illustrations that are emotionally or visually complex. A small tip to keep it all simple is to use fewer colours and fewer elements in one scenario.

Using similar artistic elements that are simplistic to the core, repeatedly also helps in developing strong conceptual connections and emphasize on the message to convey it effectively. Hope it will help you understand the idea in depth and prepare you to be an impactful children’s illustration artist.