Australia Ban on Use of Credit Cards, Crypto in Online Gambling and Its Implications

Australia Ban on Use of Credit Cards, Crypto in Online Gambling and Its Implications

Australia has changed how people gamble. It has shifted from traditional places to the Internet. Online gambling became popular in the late 1990s. This popularity was because of its ease as it can be done from home. Credit cards and Bitcoin have also become quick payment methods. 

However, the Australian government has made a swift decision recently. The government decided to ban the use of credit cards and Bitcoin in online gambling. Why was this ban placed? This article explores why the ban happened, what it means for businesses and players, and how everyone adapts to these changes.

Evolution of Online Gambling in Australia

Australian gaming has seen a significant transformation. It used to be all about visiting real locations. Nowadays, it is all about the internet. The emergence of online gambling platforms in the late 1990s marked the beginning of this change. These websites became famous because of how user-friendly they were.

Why did online gambling become a big thing in Australia? Technology improved, more people got internet access, and folks wanted more straightforward ways to bet. With online gambling, Australians could bet on sports and play casino games and poker without leaving home.

As time went on, the online gambling industry in Australia got much more significant. Many Australian crypto gambling websites accepting crypto, both local and from other countries, joined in. Smartphones played a significant role, too, making it possible for people to bet and play games wherever they were.

The government saw the potential for money and made rules to control online gambling, trying to protect people while letting the industry grow.

Rise of Credit Card and Cryptocurrency Use in Online Gambling

The way people pay for online gambling in Australia has changed a lot. At first, many used credit cards. It was easy – you could quickly put money into your online gambling account.

Then, another way to pay showed up: Bitcoin. These are digital and private, making some people like them. They added a new layer to how people paid for online gambling.

Using credit cards and Bitcoin had good and bad points. It made paying fast and easy, but it also worried some people. Quick payments could mean more impulsive gambling, and using Bitcoin raises questions about following the rules and stopping illegal activities.

Because of these concerns, the government decided to make new rules. They said no more using credit cards and Bitcoin for online gambling in Australia. The goal was to make things safer and encourage responsible gambling in the changing digital world.

Timeline of Regulatory Actions Leading to the Ban

The credit cards and cryptocurrencies ban for online gambling in Australia began in November 2019. This was when the Australian Banking Association first talked about credit cards in online gambling.

In December 2020, lawmakers said credit cards should be banned. The Albanese government took this seriously in September 2023 and passed a bill to stop it. The House of Representatives said yes in November 2023; by December 7, 2023, the Senate turned it into a law.

The ban is for all online gambling – casino games, sports betting, and online lotteries. It’s not just about credit cards; it also says no to debit cards linked to credit lines and digital currencies.

Other ways people pay online for gambling, like using cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets, are also not allowed. But there’s a tricky part: it doesn’t include physical lottery tickets and keno. Some people who work to prevent gambling harm don’t like this exception and criticize it.

The Australian government has a few reasons for putting this ban in place. First, they want to reduce the harm caused by gambling by making it harder to use credit and alternative payments. They believe easy access to these methods leads to financial problems and social harm.

They also want online gambling regulations to match those for land-based casinos where using credit cards is already banned, aiming for a more consistent and responsible gambling environment.

Protecting vulnerable individuals is another goal – the ban targets products that people with limited savings or low incomes can easily use. Lastly, they want to level the playing field by stopping wealthier individuals from having an unfair advantage in online gambling.

The ban will happen over some time. Online gambling operators have a six-month transition period to adjust their systems and follow the new rules. Businesses not following the ban could face hefty fines. And to ensure everything’s working as it should, there will be a review of the new laws two years after they start.

Impact Of Credit Cards And Crypto Ban on the Betting Industry

These new regulations will have significant effects on the Australian gambling industry. Let’s discuss how it will affect both sides involved. 


Online gambling operators in Australia are facing significant changes. The ban on using credit cards and Bitcoin means they might lose money. To cope, companies are thinking of new ways to make money, like using different ways to get paid and attracting big spenders. They might even try other businesses besides gambling. But following the new rules is challenging.

Operators need more technology, follow strict regulations, and can get fined if they don’t follow the rules. This could lead to smaller companies struggling, and new FinTech solutions might pop up.

The ban also means operators must focus on responsible gambling. They have to show players that they care about keeping gambling safe. Still, there’s a worry that some players might turn to illegal gambling sites, making it crucial to enforce the rules and protect everyone involved.


For players, the ban brings fewer ways to pay and slower transactions. People might need to put money in their accounts before playing, which helps with budgeting but takes away the quick payment option. While this might reduce impulsive spending, players must find new ways to pay and get used to waiting longer for their transactions.

On the bright side, the ban could encourage responsible gambling. Players might become more aware of their spending without easy credit access, which could help prevent problem gambling.

However, there’s a risk that some players might turn to illegal gambling sites for quick credit access. This is why enforcing strict rules is essential to protect those who might be vulnerable. As players adjust to these changes, it becomes crucial to focus on responsible gambling to ensure a safe and controlled gaming environment.


Australia’s ban on credit cards and cryptocurrencies in online gambling brings significant changes. Operators must find new ways to make money and follow strict rules. While it aims to make gambling safer, there’s a risk of players turning to illegal sites. Players face fewer payment options, but the ban encourages responsible gambling. Enforcing rules is crucial to protect vulnerable players. Focusing on responsible gambling is vital to a safe gaming environment as the industry adapts to these significant shifts.

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