Dive Into Top 15 Aquaman Facts You Never Knew

Aquaman facts

In the grand narrative of superheroes and superheroines, Aquaman occupies a very special place. Checking out hundreds of Aquaman facts would most definitely show us why he is one of the most successful superheroes in the DC franchise. Acted by Jason Momoa, Aquaman movies have done a fairly decent job at the box office. However, there’s one thing to note the comics have way more answers than the films. 

If one thing that Aquaman, as a superhero has proved is that, you don’t require jumping off a building, shooting web from your wrist, etc, to become a superhero. if you can conquer the sea and own the underwater world, then you can be a superhero as well, and of course, a badass one. 

So, this is exactly what Aquaman is all about. While the DC comics have all the answers about Aquaman you need, this article also focuses on the unique facts about the underwater superhero, Aquaman. If you want to know about Aquaman more, then it’s time to check out this article. 

These Are The Aquaman Facts To Know

So, as we mentioned earlier, Aquaman is a very special superhero in the DC verse. Son of a human being and the Queen of Atlantis, Aquaman exudes tremendous power. In fact, there’s no denying the fact that Aquaman has become a fan-favorite character. Jason Momoa has done a fabulous job representing the underwater superhero. So, it’s time to take a look at the facts about Aquaman. 

1. Aquaman’s ‘Cursed’ Blonde Hair

If you go through the comics, then you’d know that Aquaman was the son of the Queen of Atlantis and a human being. However, in the comics, he has blonde hair and this fact makes him a public enemy as well. It’s because a certain curse is associated with blonde hair. So, that’s the reason why the people of Atlantis abandoned baby Aquaman on a reef. In the comics, the dolphins raised him and eventually, Aquaman met Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper and that’s how he learned the human tongue. 

2. The Underwater Superhero Has An Evil Brother

Since the DC Aquaman film franchise has tweaked the details of Aquaman’s birth a bit, let’s follow the comics for a while here. So, as per the comics, Aquaman’s mother was the Queen of Atlantis but his father was an evil wizard. Therefore, it’s safe to say that there was a possibility of Aquaman having an evil brother, and yes, our guess is right. So, Aquaman has a half-brother whose name is Orm. In the comics, Orm, or the Ocean Master becomes a foe of Aquaman out of jealousy. 

3. Aquaman’s Trident Has More Powers Than You Think

So, both in the movies and the comics, Aquaman’s trident is shown to have a lot of powers. His trident of Neptune isn’t a fancy accessory just for show. So, in other words, it is a very powerful weapon that has a purpose of its own. Wielding the powerful Trident of Neptune, Aquaman can control the weather, manipulate sea tide, and do much more. Most importantly, the trident makes him look a total badass and also represents his royal bloodline. 

4. He Can Do More Tha Talk To Fish

Jason Momoa has represented Aquaman in the films in his own way. So, in the films as well as in the comics, we see Aquaman talking to fish. In other words, he has the ability to talk to marine life creatures. However, his power goes beyond that. As a superhero and demigod, Aquaman can control the sea life, and even assemble a bunch of formidable sea creatures to attack foes. In addition, he also has superhuman strength. With his Trident, Aquaman can also control the weather, unite an underwater force, and do much more. 

5. Aquaman Is One Of The Member Of The Justice League Members

So, there are various iterations of Justice League in the Comics. In other words, there are differences in origin stories and DC heroes in every version of Justice League. However, what’s interesting is the fact that Aquaman has been a part of the founding members in every single version of the Justice League. So, that’s surely one of the coolest Aquaman facts to note. 

6. Green Arrow Made The Aquaman Superhero Popular In The Comics

The character of Aquaman was released for the first time in 1941. Back then, he wasn’t even a popular character. However, in the first issue of 1941, Green Arrow’s presence brought attention to Aquaman’s character as well. That’s how people came to know about him and the rest is history. Today, Aquaman has become one of the most famous DC characters. To a great extent, Jason Momoa’s representation of Aquaman deserves credit as well. 

7. In Several Variations Of The Comics, Aquaman Is Hand-less

As we earlier mentioned, comics have variations. Some iterations of Aquaman are different from others. So, in some of these variations, Aquaman loses his hand. Once in the battle against Piranhas, he lost his arm, and in another instance, Black Manta, or his foe, cut his hand off. So, he ends up replacing his missing limb with a harpoon and that’s why people are also calling him Captain Hook. 

8. Aquaman Wasn’t The First Underwater Hero

A lot of people may not know this but Aquaman wasn’t the first underwater superhero in the world of comics. Apparently, a hero named Namor the Sub Mariner was the first underwater superhero who could breathe under the water as well as on land. Moreover, in 1996, there was an interesting miniseries called DC Vs Marvel, where Aquaman and Namor fought against each other. So, in that battle, Aquaman emerged victorious by crushing Namor with a whale. 

Aquaman Wasn’t The First Underwater Hero

9. Mera, Aquaman’s Wife Is Also Quite Strong

In 1963, fans were greeted by a character named Mera, the queen of the Dimension Aqua. At that time, she was only a supporting character to Aquaman. However, modern writers have worked on Mera and made her a very powerful character. So, as a powerful underwater being, she can manipulate the water. Moreover, she can also make objects out of mere water. Overall, she’s an extremely powerful character in the Aquaman franchise. 

10. Aquaman Had A Child With Mera

In the 1964 issue of the comic, Aquaman and Mera were finally blessed with a baby Arthur Curry Jr. However, as fate would have it, Aquaman’s arch-enemy, Black Manta, killed the Aquababy shortly thereafter. If the directors include this scene in the films in the future, most certainly, it’d be a tough thing to view. 

11. Jason Momoa Was The Ideal Candidate To Play Aquaman

When we talk about Aquaman, we always recall the face of Jason Momoa. The Game of Thrones actor was meant to play this role in his life. The ocean has always captivated Jason Momoa in his life. Moreover, he is also a marine biology student. Furthermore, he is also of Hawaiian descent and that makes him surrounded by the ocean. So, all of these little details point toward the inevitable fact that he was fated to play the role of Aquaman. 

12. The First Superhero To Get Married Is Aquaman

In the comics, the demigod Aquaman tied the knot with his love, Mera, in 1964. So, what’s interesting is, he is the first superhero to get married as well. 

13. Jason Momoa Didn’t Give Up Beer To Play This Role

In order to play the role of Aquaman, Jason Momoa had to do a lot of stuff. He worked very hard to get in shape for the role of Aquaman. So, for this reason, he also had to maintain a very strict diet, do push-ups, and show on. However, there was one thing that he refused to give up and that was beer. 

14. Tattoos Of Aquaman Are Real 

If you want to know about the Aquaman facts, then let us tell you that the tribal tattoos on Jason Momoa’s arms are real. The producer also decided to use the tattoos as Aquaman tattoos. Rather than erasing them through digital means, the directors and the producer left them as they were. 

Tattoos Of Aquaman Are Real 

15. He Has A Weakness

Just as Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite, Aquaman also has his own weakness- lack of water. The powerful demigod of water has to come into contact with every hour, or else, he would collapse. 


So, that’s it for the Aquaman facts. The demigod of the ocean, of underwater is one of the most fascinating superheroes for sure. Played by Jason Momoa, Aquaman, as a superhero has garnered lots of fans. 

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