5 Awesome Uses for a Selfie Mirror That You Haven’t Thought of 2023

Selfie Mirror

If you browse the web for a few minutes, you’re bound to see some amazing photography. One of the most recent trends is incorporating a selfie mirror in the photograph which may sound unusual but it makes for some impressive art! This is just one of the ways that selfie mirrors can be used. 

You may think that a selfie mirror is only used for what the name implies but it’s a versatile object. Not only can it be used in the arts but it can be useful for home businesses as well. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to learn more about the awesome uses for a selfie mirror that you haven’t thought of. 

1. It’s Great for Creative Projects

Selfie mirrors are great for a variety of art projects. Take photography, for instance. Grabbing your selfie mirror and placing it in your driveway, an open field, or at the beach then finding interesting angles to take a photo from seems to be the latest trend on Instagram. 

To join everyone that’s on the selfie mirror train, you’ll need to look at the different tips and tricks that the seasoned photographers have shared. Many of these photos involve props outside of the mirror selfie, so make sure you gather some inspiration and head to the store. If you’re in the photo, see if you can coordinate your outfit to go with the surroundings.

The best part about this type of photography is that you don’t need a fancy camera, your smartphone will do! 

This idea is more elaborate but if you wanted to, you could use your selfie mirror as an art piece itself. Decorate it with stickers, paint, or whatever else your heart desires. It’ll serve its purpose as both a mirror and as a personal piece of art.

2. Getting the Right Picture

If you’re someone who needs to brand and market themselves, you know the importance of a curated social media page. To get people to look at your page, you’ll need to appeal to what’s trending. For the most part, that means incorporating mirror selfies.

Usually, this means a full-size body mirror in someone’s apartment so you can not only see the person but the space around them as well. While it may seem like this is just the intended use of the mirror, it goes beyond that. Since there are so many kinds of mirrors to choose from, selecting the right one can say a lot about you and your brand.

For example, if you are representing a luxury brand, then a quality LED mirror is important. If your brand is more focused on a more laid-back tone, there are selfie mirrors that have a wooden edge which adds a cozy aesthetic. 

3. Perfect for Fashion World

If you have a home business, you’ll love what a selfie mirror can do. Certain businesses are more suitable for the uses of lighted mirrors, for example. The fashion industry is particularly great for selfie mirrors.

When you’re designing clothes, you want the client to try it on and see how it looks. If you have a subpar mirror with bad lighting, it won’t flatter the clothes and it could mean losing business. The best selfie mirror will be that which has flattering lighting and is large enough to see the full outfit. 

You’ll know the importance of a quality mirror if you’ve ever used a dressing room mirror. The wrong mirror can keep you from purchasing the right clothes while the right one makes you want to purchase everything. Do yourself and your business the favor of finding the right LED mirror. 

4. Cosmetic Industry Loves Selfie Mirrors

Another industry that needs a high-quality selfie mirror is the cosmetics industry. If you’re a make-up artist or do any sort of profession that involved beauty, you know the importance of a good selfie mirror. Similar to the way that the fashion industry requires the right mirror to sell clothing, the cosmetics industry requires the right mirror to sell cosmetics.

When you go to an art gallery, you’ll notice that the lighting is even and soft – perfect for viewing all of the art. Think of your business as the art in the gallery and the selfie mirror as the lighting. If the lighting in the gallery is too dark or uneven, it can affect the quality of the art. 

5. Create the Illusion of Space 

You can use selfie mirrors for art purposes and your business, what else is there? Mirror selfies can be a great option for decorating a space! If you live in a small space and are looking to make it look bigger, the right mirror (or mirrors!) can do the trick.

Add mirror panels to any area of your home to spruce things up. It can be anything from small decorative mirrors to big panels that cover half of your wall. All of these can be selfie mirrors, just take out your phone and take a selfie!

Not only do incorporating mirrors expand your space but it adds a cozy dimension to your place. 

Different Selfie Mirror Uses

While it may be difficult to see the variety of uses you get from a selfie mirror at first, there is a lot more to it than the name implies. Even the act of taking selfies can be enhanced with the right selfie mirror. Everything from art to business can use a selfie mirror in a multitude of ways. 

All it takes is a little bit of creativity and the right mirror. 

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