Where is the 855 Area Code? – How To Discuss

855 Area Code

Where is the 855 area code? Area code 855 is accessible in the United States of America. The USA uses this toll-free number and it is free to call. 

Additionally, the area code 855 is toll-free numbers which means this is not geographically precise, so they won’t charge extra calling rates.

What is an Area code? 

These codes assist in preparing long-distance calls covering a vast geographic region containing various large cities and towns. These codes are famous to the districts lower than the country i.e. municipalities and towns.

The Types of Area Code: 

There 855 area code is of two types:

  • Local:

Local phone calls commonly use area codes. The code assigned to London is 020 whereas for Manchester it is 0161, although both the cities are in England.

  • Toll-free number: 

Cost-free calls also use these codes to make a connection. In the UK, toll-free digits are dialed with the prefixes of 0800 or 0808.

What is The Country Code and Which Country’s Code is The Area Code? 

Country codes are the digits that represent a special country and the areas subordinate to it. These are common prefixes of two-digit numbers.

Country codes are the primary thing you dial whenever calling from abroad.

The number 855 is the country code. Cambodia has the authorization of this code. The calls from this region begin with 855. Then people write the phone number.

What is the 855 Area Code? 

The area code 855 is a toll-free digit & since the area is not specified for this code the calls to this number may be prohibited by the customers. 

The call to the toll-free 855 number is in the pattern of ten-digit numbers. Do not misinterpret it as the call from Cambodia.

855 area code and various other similar codes come under the telephone numbering plan. These kinds of codes are appointed to specific areas, countries, and cities to support others to identify the location of the unknown calls.

How are Toll-free Numbers Assigned? 

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) allocated the numbers based on a first-come, first-served.

The buyer of the number names themselves as ‘responsible organizations’ or in brief ‘RespOrg’. 

Therefore, these institutions can have entry to all the toll-free subscribers and some may moreover provide the services for these numbers. But most probably they are scams.

What are The Benefits of Toll-free Numbers?

Due to no penalties on the person who’s calling these numbers, it is beneficial for the individual to reach out to any company or staff via long-distance call. 

Hence, if someone has his/her job then toll-free numbers are a must for them due to the subsequent reasons:

  • The most significant reason is that these numbers are presently a status symbol. Since it was tough to afford one at the beginning.
  • The existence of a toll-free number submits a trustworthy business.
  • More significantly for any business, customer support and appeal is all that matters. Above all, the purpose of these numbers allows them to make phone calls without being charged. This warrants customer compliance.

The Location of 855 Area Code 

Any number which starts with the area code 855 extends over the countries such as the United States, Canada, or some other places like these. However, any particular geographical area is not linked with it.

It was developed by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is a toll-free code like other codes such as 800, 833, 844, 855, etc. 

The essential rule of these toll-free numbers is that the individual who is calling them does not get a reprimand. They don’t have to pay the calling bill, rather the person who is accepting the call has to compensate for it.

Where is 855 Area Code From?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) induced the codes from the 1990s.

The first code introduced was 800 and it became so famous. People then created some more numbers such as 877 or 888. Most lately, the codes 855 and 866 have been made a part of the toll-free numbers. 

They develop these numbers in a way that whoever comes first gets it, given the title of “Responsible Organizations”. 

Accordingly, they utilize all the records of the subscribers. As compared to other numbers, 855 is the most famous and has been used a lot as it is a recent one. 

The older ones such as 800 have been repeatedly used and it has lost its significance and credibility. That is why 855 delivers multiple opportunities for the business to accumulate and flourish.

Is 855 Area Code Free?

The toll-free number has been in practice for a long time, back in the 1990s. Some of them have been famous and have been employed frequently. Therefore, the 855 area code is a promising example for business owners. 

Moreover, big organizations like the FCC selected them. Thus, we can trust them as long as security is concerned and can say that they are safe to use.

Should There Be Suspicion of a Call or Text from The 855 Area Code? 

There is zero suspicion about this specific toll-free number. Some ground laws apply for all such numbers if you receive a call or text from them, which are:

  • Do not answer back to any question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because some people record these calls. Then hang up on such calls after prohibiting them from calling on your number.
  • Do not provide details to any such calls which are not familiar.
  • Sometimes, they ask for money, cut the call straight on to them.
  • Do not permit them to access your computer in any condition.
  • Prevent purchasing anything from these agencies because they may entangle you into buying something unwillingly.

Is Number 855 Area Code Safe? 

Yes, it is since it is a toll-free number & because this number has been in exercise since July 2000. 

Besides these two reasons, it is the region code of Cambodia that is another reason for this number’s security.

How to Stop 855 Area Code Calls? 

The periodic calls from toll-free numbers are skilfully blocked. It is done through the following two options:

  • There is a choice in the settings. You will find it as ‘Call blocking and Identification’. Enable this option to track the caller IDs and block the calls. Block the number 855 to never receive a call from it again.
  • Another alternative encompasses registering the phone number on which you are receiving the calls. The national list insures you from landline phone numbers as well.

Call back on 855 or be a Victim of The Fraud? 

If it is mandatory to call back or you want to learn about the agency they claimed themselves as they don’t call on the number from which you obtain.

You can always search for the detailed helpline of that particular agency. However, before going for this alternative avoid calling at all.


The 855 area code is one of the toll-free numbers and any specific area doesn’t need them. Nonetheless, it makes free calls to various numbers. The question is not credible to ask where the area code is. It’s nowhere.

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