Who is Navy Joan Roberts? All about Joe Biden’s Grandchild

Navy Joan Roberts
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Do you recall when the President-elect called only six out of his 7 grandchildren to the platform to declare his win of the 2022 election? While six of the seven grandkids were on stage, one of the 7 grandchildren was hidden behind a curtain of secrecy. 

Navy Joan Roberts is Hunter’s two-year-old daughter from his relationship with Stripper Roberts, which he openly objects to afterward. In this article we will be talking about her and other grandchildren of President Biden.  

More about Navy Joan Roberts 

While the kid’s identity, location, gender, and other details have been kept hidden for a while, we are able to confirm that the child is happily rising up in remote Arkansas, in a large as well as loving home who is not aware of her ties to the harsh world of American politics.

Hunter said that she is his daughter, and a successful DNA test shows that he was the child’s legal biological father. Hunter is a recovering drug user, had not seen the photograph and couldn’t even recognise her from a picture line-up.

Biden greets six of his grandkids to the platform after stating that he was the winner of the 2022 presidential vote. However, the final one, Navy Joan Roberts, was not there. According to reports, Hunter had her through a stripper called Roberts and then said custody.

How Navy Joan Came Into the Spotlight?

Roberts had never publicly said anything about the Navy. This was until her sister Randi left a photo of her on the internet when she was two years old. The person who took the photograph set her face away to protect her privacy.

Hunter had been out of the news for a while until he came to greet his 77-year-old father on his win. He was joined on stage by his partner Colen and its seven-month-old Child. This was Hunter’s fifth child, and a little boy called Beau. It was in honour of his sibling, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Naomi while her siblings Finnegan, 20, along with Maisy, 18, are all Hunter’s children with his initial wife, Kathleen. He left her 22 years of marriage, were also present to enjoy the President’s win. 

Hunter was also in an issue with Hallie, the late sibling of Beau’s wife. Her daughters Natalie, sixteen and Robert Biden, Jr. II, 14, were there as well. We also saw Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, their daughter Ashley, and her spouse, Howard.

Robert’s Family and Scandal

Roberts and her daughter Navy live on 5 acres of property with her parents, Rob and Kimberly Roberts. They have a four-bed cabin-style house. Kimberley’s grandfather, Rob, owns a growing firearms customization company where she works. The family is well-known in the area.

They had a short affair in 2017 when they met at the Empire bar in Washington DC, where Roberts did under the stage name Dallas. The following August, the Navy was born.

The name was kept hidden until May 2019, when he proved that he is the father and the child support. This took place a few days after Hunter wed Melissa, his second wife, following dating her for over a week.

In November 2019, Hunter had to agree to a DNA test after claiming that Navy Joan Roberts had never been his daughter. Hunter was her real and legal father, according to the results of the test.

However, Roberts, who already had a degree at Washington University for a career as a Forensic Investigator yet never done? She fought for months to get President Biden’s son to reveal his financial affairs.

Despite all of Hunter’s mistakes and the bad reputation he has brought to the family, his father continues to defend him and label him as the “finest man I know”.

Deaths in Joe Biden’s Family

Naomi Biden

She was the President’s third child, but his first female child from his first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden. She was born in the month of November 1971.

Neilia, Naomi, along with their two boys went Christmas shopping in the sad month of December 1972. Unfortunately, a vehicle mishap caught them, and it took both of their lives. The mishap also seriously injured the two infant sons. They were taken to the hospital.

Joe Biden’s Family

Naomi was only thirteen months old, and Neilia was around 30 years old when both of them died in a car accident.

Beau Biden

President Joe Biden’s (eldest) child was Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III. He was born on February 3, 1969, as the first child of President Biden along with his initial wife, Neilia. His wish to walk in the footsteps of his dad was obvious at a tender age. 

Also, he went to Archmere Academy, his father’s college, and then the University. He got his bachelor’s degree from University, just as his father did decades ago.

The family had to face another misfortune. He had a minor stroke in 2010 and had major surgery in 2013 to remove a tumour from his brain. While fighting brain cancer, he had cycles of therapy and surgery. However, in the course of January 2015, Joe Biden’s oldest son lost his life at the age of 46.


Navy Joan Roberts is the newest member and seventh grandchild of President Joe Biden by his son Hunter. There are lots of facts and details which are still missing, however we have seen her pictures on social media. If you want to learn more about her scandal or the President’s family then read this article.

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