5 Alternative and top YTMP3 to download and convert YouTube videos


In the first place, YouTube is the best online streaming platform. Further, millions of people share their videos on the platform. YouTube consists of videos of various types. It includes music, movies and vlog, DIY, and review videos. However, downloading YouTube videos is a little tough. But it can be converted into MP3 and listen to them. 

YTMP3 is one of the best online tools to download and convert YouTube videos. However, YTMP3 tools are not efficient. Hence, here in the article, we will deal with five alternate tools. Read through the article to learn more about these alternative tools. 

Here is top 5 YTMP3 Alternative Website to download and convert YouTube videos 

1. AceThinker MP3 Juice Downloader 

The use of online tools makes it easy to download YouTube videos. The first and the best alternative to YTMP3 is the MP3 Juice downloader. Further, this tool is very helpful in converting YouTube videos. The tool is useful in converting the videos into MP3 format. It is also available for converting videos into MP4. 

Apart from this, the AceThinker MP3 Juice downloader includes additional features. Most of the features offered by the tool are free of cost. Furthermore, MP3 Juice Downloader does the conversion of videos fast in comparison to other tools. Finally, it also allows for searching YouTube videos without having to open another website. 

Furthermore, a critical drawback of the website is it cannot download HD videos. The tool supports downloading of ultra HD videos on its desktop version only. 

2. GenYoutube 

The next best alternate tool for downloading and converting YouTube videos is GenYouTube. This is the best tool for downloading YouTube videos. The videos can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer. Further, the videos can also be converted into MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV formats. Also, the tool GenYouTube is available for converting HD and SD videos. 

GenYoutube offers a step-by-step guide to download and convert the videos. Furthermore, the tool allows for three different ways of conversion. Depending on the type of video, you can choose the conversion mode. The guide to the use of the tool is on the homepage of the online tools. 

Lastly, the conversion of the YouTube video is very simple in this tool. Choose any YouTube video link you want to convert. Later on, paste the link on the search box at the top of the page. Then click on the okay button and wait for the video to download. Also, at the time of conversion, you can choose the format for downloading the video. Finally, GenYoutube online tool is suitable for both Google chrome and safari. 

3. YouTubeMP3 

The third alternative website for YouTube video downloading and conversion is YouTubeMP3. YouTubeMP3 is available for various devices. It works properly on smartphones and computers. In other words, YouTubeMP3 is suitable for windows and Mac computers. 

Furthermore, the online tool for video conversion allows for saving the files in various qualities. After downloading and converting the video into MP3, you can choose the quality. The qualities of videos available on the website are 92kbps, 256kbps, and 320 kbps. The person who is willing to convert the video must first copy the link. Later on, he must paste the link in the search box. 

Once the YouTube link is pasted, it starts converting the video. One of the best features of the conversion tool is the design of the home page. Further, after the conversion is complete, the website displays the size of the file. This feature of the tool helps in checking the storage capacity of your device. 

Further, the home page is available to users in various languages. It is available in French, Portuguese and Spanish. It also allows for the cutting of audio clips before downloading. However, the major drawback of the website is it allows for downloading only audio files. 

4. EasyMP3Converter 

The fourth alternative online tool for YouTube video conversion is EasyMP3Converter. It is one of the best websites available online. Further, the EasyMP3Converter is free of cost. It can be opened on various browsers. In other words, it is suitable for conversion in multiple browsers such as chrome and safari. Furthermore, the best feature of the tool is the automatic conversion of YouTube videos. 

The use of the tool for downloading and converting videos is very easy. Open EasyMP3Converter and paste the link to the YouTube video. Later on, click on okay and wait for the video to get converted immediately. It is simple, and any person can use it. 

Usually, the tool is used for converting audio files. But the quality of the audio file that you want to convert must be 320kps. Apart from audio files, the tool can also be used to convert certain YouTube videos. The formats available for conversion are MKV, MP4 and WEBM. Furthermore, the downloading and conversion of YouTube videos are free of cost. However, the drawback of EasyMP3Converter is pop-up ads. These ads are irritating to users trying to use the website. 


The fifth and last alternative online tool for YouTube video conversion is FLVTO. In the first place, FLVTO is an easy to use website for video conversion. It is available on multiple platforms for free of cost. Further, the work of this website is similar to YTMP3. But the design and structure of the home page of FLVTO make it popular. 

To convert YouTube videos using the website, paste the link on the search box. Then, check and accept the terms and conditions box on the homepage. Later on, press the down arrow button next to the search box. Wait and select the format of the video you want to download. Finally, click on the convert button and wait for the YouTube video to get converted. FLVTO allows for video conversion and downloading in MP3 format. However, the website can be used only for converting verified videos.

Bottom Line: 

To sum it up, the five best alternative tools for YTMP3 are listed in the article. These online conversion tools are easy to use. They quickly and easily convert YouTube videos into MP3 format. Finally, they are also free to use.

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