Discover Canada’s Spectacular Nature by Rail – Epic Train Journeys for The Nature Lover

Epic Train Journeys

With its endless variety of jaw-dropping natural landscapes, Canada is a nature lover’s paradise. One of the best ways to experience the full glory of its natural wonders is by travelling on a train. From the vast prairies to the majestic Rockies and stunning coastal regions, train travel allows you to immerse yourself in Canada’s scenic beauty. 

When planning to holiday in Canada from the UK, embark on an epic rail journey to see the wild side of Canada. 

Be Dazzled by the Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer: 

Canadian train holidays on the Rocky Mountaineer lets you experience the full majesty of the Canadian Rockies while travelling in comfort. Traversing between Vancouver, Banff, Jasper and Calgary, this iconic route takes you through towering snow-capped peaks, thundering waterfalls, glacial lakes and sweeping valleys. Gaze in wonder at the jagged Sawback Range, marvel at Mount Robson – Canada’s highest peak, and look out for wildlife like bears, moose and eagles. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the train lets nature lovers get lost in the spectacular mountain views.

Traverse the Prairies on VIA Rail’s Canadian: 

The prairies may seem nondescript at first, but are actually teeming with natural beauty if you watch closely. On VIA Rail’s Canadian going from Toronto to Vancouver, gorge on the views as you roll past the wheat fields, ranches, and wildflower-covered grasslands of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Keep an eye out for roaming bison, First Nations history, and the stunning river gorges and Badlands of Alberta – a geological wonder. As a traveller from the UK, it will leave you spellbound. 

Wake Up to Maritime Scenery on the Ocean: 

In Eastern Canada, VIA Rail’s Ocean route from Montreal to Halifax treats you to vistas of the stunning Atlantic coast. Watch the sunrise over the port city of Saint John and see the reddish cliffs and rolling green hills of Prince Edward Island. The train hugs the coastline, letting you soak in the sights of quaint seaside villages and wave-crashed shorelines. Disembark to enjoy coastal hikes like the famous Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island.

Seek Polar Bears in Churchill on the Arctic Trail: 

The town of Churchill in Northern Manitoba is known as the polar bear capital of the world. Take the Arctic trail from Winnipeg to get there and join tours to see the majestic beasts up close. Amidst the vast tundra, watch the bears hunt, fish and roam around. Stay in a Tundra Buggy Lodge right in the bears’ terrain for an immersive experience. From the train itself, also watch for beluga whales, caribou herds, and the magical Northern Lights. 


With its endless wilderness and variety of natural wonders, Canada offers unique rail experiences for nature lovers not found anywhere else. Canadian train trips give you that slow immersive experience to soak it all in. If you are a nature lover, skip the crowded buses and see the real Canada in all its untamed glory by embarking on an epic rail journey. From coast to coast, it will be an unforgettable adventure. So, whenever you want to holiday from the UK, make sure a Canadian rail trip is next on your bucket list

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