How To Prepare for Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

No one likes having their teeth removed, and many dentists will do whatever they can to prevent this very procedure from happening. That being said, sometimes the operation is avoidable.

Reasons for this vary, but they can include a failed root canal, the inability to save any part of the tooth, where a tooth has been rotted through or is disrupting the other teeth, such as a wisdom tooth. If you require tooth removal, we recommend visiting this dentist in Upper East side.

Tooth removal is no lighthearted procedure, which is why it is best to prepare as best as possible before you sit in the chair. This piece will discuss how best you can prepare for a tooth removal and what you need to be asking your dentist. 

Choose the Right Dentist

There is nothing worse than sitting in a dentist’s chair only to find out the surgery or procedure has not been a success – or even more disheartening, something has gone wrong.

Not all dentists are created equal, and it is perfectly acceptable to have a bad feeling and not want to go through with the procedure. Having a tooth removed is a serious commitment, and you want to trust that the process is in capable hands. Be sure to research the right dentist for you such as Best Dental, at: and make sure they have all of the experience and qualifications necessary to ensure that your tooth removal will be done to the highest standard.

Ask Questions

It is only natural to have plenty of questions when you are going to the dentist. Many of us have sat in a chair only to see some terrifying looking tools sit on a tray next to us and have no idea what is happening when the dentist is poking around inside our mouths.  Ask your dentist what to expect from a tooth extraction before the appointment so you know what to expect in advance, and not just as you sit down. Dental experts like this family dentist in Clackamas are always happy to clear up any question that you may have.

Other types of questions that might be useful include what kinds of anesthetic options are available, whether you can eat and drink before the procedure, and if you will need anyone to take you home after. These answers will all vary depending on how many teeth you are having extracted and what type of anesthetic is advised. 

Expect To Divulge Medical History

Before any surgery, surgeons will want to know a fairly comprehensive account of your medical history due to any interactions which could happen either with pain killers, anesthetic, or to be aware of with the procedure itself.

This is often a routine process for everyone, so there is no need to be nervous. Most of the questions should be answers you will already know but asking ahead just in case you need to find out anything could put your nerves at ease.

Having a tooth out is not an enjoyable experience, but with the right preparation, questions, and dentist, it can go a lot more smoothly than expected. As always, be sure you are comfortable with the decision and that it is your choice – not all wisdom teeth need to be taken out!