Why you need to take Black and White Pictures

rotary camera photo

Do you know that some people still see black and white pictures as an ancient way of taking pictures that still exist while others see it as a creative way of taking pictures that needs to be explored. 

It is because of its need to be explored that am writing this blog, to outline reasons why you should start taking black and white pictures with either your phone or a professional camera and what I have learnt from reading about black and white photography Melbourne. 

Honestly sometimes the world looks better in black and white pictures. From amazing pictures of skyscrapers, to up-close pictures of bridges, black and white pictures capture a glamorous side to things we often forget exist.

Black and white pictures has always been the way professional photographers used to take great pictures because the camera take shots only in black and white. Even when colored-camera’s came, pictures were still taken in black and white because its picture in its natural form.

You might be used to seeing the world in color, but pictures are not all about color. Pictures could be about other elements rather than color, elements like shape, form, texture, contrast and lighting. When you are shooting for black and white, you are shooting way beyond color, you are shooting for other elements.

Right now as I am writing this, the wallpaper on my phone is a black and white picture of myself because is my favorite. I am looking at picture and I chose the picture not because of color but for other elements like form.

Black and white pictures really offers a creative choice because when you remove color, you are not just isolating the different elements, you are trying to find out how they all relate to each other. This helps you to craft your unique way of telling different stories.

What I have also realized about black and white pictures is that there are some certain environments or locations or structures that when shot in black and white, they bring out the best in the story you are trying to portray. 

Removing the color in pictures makes try to find the other elements in the scene, and think of ways to use them together to convey your imagination. Black and white pictures also adds emotion and mood to both the photographer and the viewer. 

Black and white pictures is often great for street and travel photography as well as pictures taken of religious and cultural activities. For example going on tourist visit to Melbourne, there are lots of black and white photography in Melbourne. 

Black and white pictures are often timeless, they last forever if shot well. Some photographers prefer take pictures in black and white while other take pictures in color and then process it into black and white pictures. 

Really taking pictures in black and white forces you to think beyond, to stretch and think creatively while taking the shot.