Top 7 Advice for Travel Student

Top 7 Advice for Travel Student

Travelling must always be on your bucket list, and certainly not kept for old age. Student traveling is very much possible today. You have to learn some budgeting tricks from us that will train you to stretch a dollar. After that, you are free to witness mesmerizing horizons.

1. Plan Year in Advance

If you are into cheap student traveling, then this is the number one tip for you. You will get the same experience that you planned to get and that too at better rates. You must be familiar with the dynamic pricing concept. Prices increase as the demand increases. You pay much higher prices when you choose to book just a little before your actual travel dates. I know that spontaneous traveling is something that we all do. With 12-month planning in advance, you can eliminate such risks. Waiting till the very last minute can score you a deal but not in this case. You can read more regarding the benefits of planning for a trip and ordering essay from EssayZoo. Well, it is always better to get an expert’s opinion!

2. Look for Transit Flights

The next advice from the top student travel tips is to look for transit flights. In simple words, look for direct flights. Such flights eliminate the hassle of connecting flights. Well, the hassle is not the only positive aspect. It is also about the overall reduced travel time and is much cheaper. If you are traveling for the first time, you must use travel through a direct flight as it also reduces the risk of misplacing baggage. Now you do not want to misplace your suitcase that carries your favorite hat.

3. Book Flat Instead of Hotel

It would be best if you wrote this tip with a golden pen on your student travel guide. You can save a lot of money by booking a flat instead of spending your dollars on an expensive hotel room. Get an apartment or a room on Airbnb. You can even check out a local hostel, or you can choose to do a homestay. There are so many options out there that will help you in getting a real experience. By living among the locals, you can know about their culture, language and explore places that might not be on your list. By doing this, you can visit the posh places as well as the culturally rich local places. There is also the benefit of having an entire apartment to yourself. You can never get such privacy in a hotel.

4. Avoid High Season

If you are traveling on a student budget, then listen up! Always avoid the peak season. During the high season, the travel destinations are crowded and are highly in demand. So, in turn, the sharp marketers and service providers up the prices to make more profit. Those who are traveling with a limited budget end up paying a lot more. Peak season also means bigger crowds. If you are like me and are uncomfortable in larger crowds, try to wake up early or visit such destinations during off-peak. Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you want to avoid crowds and want the entire cost of the experience a bit cheaper, visit it during monsoon season. You will get amazing discounts, and let us not forget the adventurous water sports! You can ask the online writing services to write essays for cash online. It will help you in understanding how finances can be managed.

5. Use Railway Passes and Buses to Save Money

You can see many vlogs about how student travel europe on buses and railway. It is because these modes are much cheaper and are a fun way to get around. Taking taxis is easy, but you might get charged double or sometimes triple then what you pay for a bus ticket. Another effective advice from the budget travel tips is to mark bus and train stations on your map. Plan out your entire journey and use as many trains and buses as you can. Taking a train from Berlin to Switzerland will cost you less than a plane ride. I know that the travel time is huge but come on, the views that you get to see on a train are priceless.

6. Ask Professionals to Do College Tasks

While you are out for a holiday during a peak season supposedly, who will take care of your college tasks? Well, do not worry as I have figured that out for you. There are a lot of professional writing services that can do your assignments for cheap. Now you must be careful in choosing them. Always go for quality, not for the price, as you might end up with a low-quality piece of writing. Choose one reliable service only. In this way, you can get the same quality every single time. Always check if they provide the option of revisions and give you plagiarism reports. The last thing you want on your dream trip is an email from your professor regarding copied work. An example of a quality service provider is of ResumeThatWorks. They can make a highly professional resume for you in no time. Do not forget to check reviews and ratings from other customers. Also, provide all the information regarding your assignment. In this way, if you visit a place with weak Wi-Fi connections, you and your service providers will not face any inconvenience.

7. Be Flexible

Always be prepared for unexpected issues during the trip. Try taking extra cash and always keep emergency medical supplies with you. You must always have plan Bs. For example, try shortlisting two malls. If there is a traffic jam, you can always go to the second one. In this way, you will save a lot of time and know what you can do to make the most of the trip.

8. Bonus Tip: Keep in Touch with Professors

It would be best if you always kept in touch with your professors. In this way, if you cannot submit your assignment in time, they will know why. Try to ask them for extended time for your submissions. Meeting deadlines during a trip is a hard task. Just drop an email to your teacher and let them know about your plans.


Now that I have given you my top advice regarding traveling, you must make a move. Go and start planning for next year’s trip. Omit all the hotels that you have listed from your travel plan. Mark the train and bus stations. I am sure that you are going to have an amazing and memorable experience.