4 Important Things To Consider When Buying A New Computer

Buying A New Computer

In this digital world, a computer is one of the must have devices whether at work or home. This is because of its various and unlimited functions like keeping data, accessing the internet among many others.

However, there are things you need to first consider before buying a given computer. These help you to be able to choose the best computer that will satisfactorily handle all your tasks without failure.

Here are 4 important things to consider when buying a new computer from https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/ you need to know;

1. RAM

This is the random access memory where active data of your system processes and applications is stored. You need to first check on the RAM of a given computer because the more it has the better.

Today’s web browsers and applications are memory hungry and need a lot of space to function well on your computer. In fact, if your computer has enough RAM, you can simultaneously run various applications and open more browser tabs.

So if you plan to handle lots of tasks on your computer, then you have to choose one with a higher RAM like of at least 16GB or more.

2. Resolution

You need to look at the resolution of a specific computer’s display because this determines the sharpness of your screen. Well, this determines the picture quality you will have to see on your screen. Remember high picture quality is attractive to your eyes and will boost your experience on the computer.

So, you should aim for computers with at least a 1080p display despite being at a higher price than the standard ones that have 720p. However, the best and high-end computers have Ultra HD/4K displays but are the most expensive types.

3. Screen Size

The screen size is more relevant when you need a laptop. So you should examine the screen size you need for your laptop and the displays range between eleven and seventeen inches. However, this depends on the tasks you want to handle on the laptop.

If you plan to open multiple windows when handling your tasks then a large screen size is ideal for you. But if you have a few tasks to handle and need a few open windows then you can go for a smaller screen laptop.

However, the bigger your laptop screen, the less portable your laptop is and the smaller the screen the more portable is your laptop. The average size of desktop screens is 24 inches or more.

4. Processor

A processor determines how fast the computer handles your tasks. There are different processors each with a different performance tier. Core i3 chips are the entry level and cheapest of all and they can handle basic computing tasks.

There’s also core i5 which provides ample speed than core i3 and is more expensive than it. The most expensive and fastest processors are the core i7 and core i9. They are more efficient, powerful, and the latest generation chips.

Choose The Best Computer

Embrace the above tips and buy the best computer at thegoodguys.co.au that will satisfactorily handle all your tasks on time.

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