A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Video Ads for Your Business

Creating Video Ads for Your Business

Have you ever wondered why video ads capture more audience than other types of content? This is definitely because video advertising is one of the newest trends on the market today. It has become more accessible to all advertisers, and can now be an effective way to attract new customers. Video ads are better received by customers, which can be particularly beneficial to a business looking to build its brand awareness. In fact, this year alone, marketers will spend over $2 billion on YouTube advertising. However, not every company knows how to properly utilize video ads to market their business or brand. In this article, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to get started with video ads for your business. 

Choose a Video Hosting Platform

Before you start creating your video ad, it’s important to decide where you want it to appear. Video ads are most commonly found on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, but there are plenty of other platforms available. Deciding where you want your ad to run is important because each platform has its own unique features, such as the length or format of video ads allowed. You should also evaluate if your target audience uses those platforms regularly or not at all. If you’re targeting younger audiences, then YouTube would be the best choice — but if they’re older generations who aren’t so tech-savvy, then Facebook might be better suited (and vice versa).

Create a Script

This is the most important part of your ad because it’s what people will be listening to and watching. 

For example, if your product or service solves a problem that many people have, then use that as the basis for your script. If your product solves multiple problems, try to include all of them in the script so that people don’t have to stop and think about which problem they’re solving. Make sure that your script is compelling enough to keep viewers watching until the end (and ideally, coming back for more).

Shoot Your Video

You can do this with a smartphone or any other camera, but make sure you have good lighting and sound so that viewers aren’t distracted by poor quality when they’re watching your ad.

If you want to shoot with a professional setup, consider renting equipment from a local rental house or using one of the many apps available for smartphones that allow you to record videos in high definition (HD).

Edit Your Video

Consider the following factors that will make your video ads more appealing:

  • Add text, graphics, and voice-over to your video ad

Use text overlays and subtitles for more information. Add text overlays and subtitles to give viewers more information about your products or services, including any offers you might have available. Text overlays can be especially helpful for viewers who might not want to watch the entire ad or who are reading at their own pace.

Add graphics or animated objects with a GIF maker with what you’re offering. This can make it easier for viewers to see important details about what you offer without having to read every word of text on the screen. 

Also, make sure to deliver clear voiceovers. They help guide viewers through your message, which ensures that they don’t miss anything important. They also allow you to keep your focus on the content rather than on reading out everything for them — which would likely result in an uninspiring performance! 

  • Use only high-quality images

The first impression people have when they see an advertisement is based on the quality of the image used in the ad. If you use a low-resolution image, viewers will think poorly of your business right off the bat. Even if they do click through, they may not be interested in what you’re offering because they don’t think it’s worth their time or money. 

  • Choose the best music

If you’re using music in your video ad, make sure it’s royalty-free so that you don’t have to pay anyone for using it in your ad campaign. Also, make sure that it fits with what you’re selling and doesn’t distract from the message of the ad itself. 

Also, try to create a simple and short video ad but exciting to watch. You can use a movie maker online tool to achieve this that will make your video look stunning!

Social Media Channels

Upload It To Your Social Media Channels

Once you’ve created a rough draft of your video, it’s time to edit it down into something shorter and more impactful that will grab viewers’ attention right away. 

And when your video has been edited, it’s time to upload it! Make sure that all of your links are set up correctly so that people can easily share and watch your video from their favorite social media platform or website.

Bottom Line

Put simply, video ads are working. It has been widely used by several big brands in the market to increase their profits by helping them sell more products to more customers. Consider the impact that a steady stream of video content could have on your business. Even if you’re currently happy with the organic growth you’re experiencing, it never hurts to be prepared. Video ads might be the key to converting just a few more visitors into customers, which can make all the difference in the long run.

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