Best Grooming Supplies for Curly Dogs

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You will see three main coat types when looking for a dog. There are straight coats, wavy coats, and curly coats. Grooming each of these is relatively similar, but there are some differences, and you will need to treat these differences. For example, curly coats get more mats than straight or wavy coats.

These supplies will help you when grooming dogs with curly hair like poodles, maltipoos, Cavapoos, and any hybrid mix with a poodle. If you want an adorable puppy with curly hair, here are some Cavapoo puppies for sale.

Curved Slicker Brush

This brush is perfect for areas on your dog that are short. It has thin metal bristles, which is also why you want to ensure you get a high-quality brush. Otherwise, the bristles will bend whenever you try to brush your dog.

Rubber Tip Pin Brush

The rubber tip pin brush is perfect for brushing areas with long hair. It has thin bristles with rubber bits on the tip, which helps it slide through the hair smoothly and especially helps with dogs with curly hair. This brush will help you get bigger tangles out fast. 

Two Sided Steel Comb

The two-sided steel comb has two different thicknesses of teeth on each end of the comb, one side will have fine thin teeth, and the other will be thicker. This comb is also a perfect tool for dogs with curly hair because it can be hard to spot mats and tangles on a dog with curly hair, and this tool is perfect for helping you find them and get them out. This comb is also commonly used to brush the face of a dog.

Serrated De-Matting Comb

This comb is used to help get some of the tougher mats out, and this is especially useful on dogs with curly hair as they tend to get mats easier, especially in areas like their neck or under their ears and tail. This comb has teeth and small blades that cut some hair to get the mats out. It only will cut a little bit at a time, and it is not recommended for use in trimming hair.


Clippers are the easiest way to trim your dog’s hair. Especially if it is curly, any person that is a dog owner of a curly-haired dog knows that the curls can make the hair look longer or shorter in some places, and getting an even cut is the most challenging task. But with specialized Heart To Tail hair clippers, you can add one of the multiple comb attachments, allowing the clippers to pick up the hair and cut them all around the same length. There are also a few different options for length, there are thicker and thinner comb attachments, so your Heart To Tail Manuals can be a valuable information resource if you like the look of longer hair on your dog.

Grooming Scissor Set

A grooming scissor set will usually have a few different types of scissors. It will have regular hair scissors, which are usually used to sharpen different areas, like the under belly of your dog or the back of their legs. Then there are also thinning sheers, which make it easier to trim areas like the face. This will help you blend any choppy parts. When trimming the face, using thinning sheers to blend it out is something everyone uses, even professionals. The thinning sheers only cut a few hairs at a time, and if you look at the scissors, one side has teeth and looks a little bit like a comb. I recommend using them to blend the transition from the head and neck to the back.

Lastly, these sets will also have scissors with blunt ends. These are perfect for trimming around sensitive areas on your dog, like around their eyes, ears, and paws. This helps make sure you don’t poke them with a sharp end. 

Nail Trimmers

Clipping a dog’s nails is another thing you need to ensure you stay caught up on. Doing so can be difficult so just watch a video or two to help visualize how it should look while you cut the nails. 

Overall, grooming a dog with curly hair isn’t too difficult as long as you have the right supplies. Also, before you groom your puppy, watch a few videos and read a few articles. This will make it a lot easier and help you feel more confident.

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