Peter Artemiev – His Relationship with Julia Fox and Controversies

Peter Artemiev

Peter Artemiev is professional pilot and businessman. He is not really famous for his work rather he is famous for being the husband of Italian American film actress Julia Fox. She has made her name by acting in various award winning movies and television shows. In this article we will be talking about her and her husband in more detail. 

Who Perter Artemiev?

Peter is a popular entrepreneur and professional pilot from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, USA. He was born between the years 1987 and 1991. He is perhaps best known as the husband of the famous Italian actress and filmmaker, Julia Fox. Fox rose to fame for her role as Julia De Fiore in the film Uncut Gems. She was also feature in other movies and shows where got to grew her fame.

Despite his successful career as a pilot, Peter has recently come under the spotlight. This was due to some negative remarks made by his wife, Julia, on her Instagram profile. In her post, she said to Peter as a deadbeat alcoholic father, sparking controversy and ideas about their relationship.

In addition to this, some sources saw Fox on a date night in New York City with the US rapper Kanye West. This added more to the media attention surrounding her personal life and the troubles she was going through. 

Perter Artemiev Early Life

Peter Artemiev grew up in a happy family and from a very young age, he had a passion for becoming a pilot. He attended a local high school for his basic education and later went on to university to pursue his dream. After completing his education, he received professional training to become a pilot. After that he worked tirelessly under the guidance of experienced pilots.

With his hard work and dedication, Peter soon became a private pilot and fulfilled his lifelong dream. In addition to his successful career as a pilot, he is also an investor and entrepreneur. Over the years, he has invested in a variety of businesses, including his ex-wife’s clothing labels. Besides that, he has also got several real estate properties across the United States of America.

He is a private pilot, and his profession is generally associated with a high income. As a result, he has been able to accumulate a net worth of $2 million over the years. He earns a good amount of money from his job as a pilot, and his investments have also contributed significantly to his net worth.

Who is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox

Julia Fox is a rising star in the entertainment industry. She is an Italian-American actress, artist, and filmmaker who has made a name for herself in a short period of time. She is known for her unique style, striking beauty, and natural talent. In this article, we will take a closer look at her life and career.

Julia Fox was born on January 23, 1990, in Milan, Italy. Her family moved to New York City when she was just a few years old. She grew up in a neighbour that was known for its vibrant arts scene, and this had a significant impact on her life. She was always interested in art, fashion, and film from a young age.

After finishing high school, Julia attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she studied fashion design. She also took acting classes at night, and it was during this time that she discovered her love for acting.

Fox has her own unique style, which is a mix of old and modern fashion that’s why she is famous. She is also an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance. She has spoken publicly about her own struggles with body image issues and encourages others to love themselves as they are.

Julia is also a mother to a son named Valentino. She has said that motherhood has changed her life in many ways and that it has given her a new perspective on the world.

Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox Breakup

In 2020, rumours began to circulate about the potential split between Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev when she removed photos of him from her Instagram account. In a May 2020 interview with GQ, Fox confirmed that they were no longer together but remained on friendly terms. 

He thought of getting back together with her. However, Fox had moved on and was soon dating Kanye West. Kanye was previously in relationship with Kim. Surprising many, the new couple announced their relationship with a photoshoot just a week after they began dating. 

Despite Fox’s previous complaints about Artemiev, she expressed excitement about her future with West, telling Page Six that while she didn’t know where things were headed, she was enjoying the ride.

However, on February 14, 2022, the news came that Fox and West had broken up their brief romance. Fox’s official confirmed the news to In Touch, stating that the two remain good friends and partners. However, they are no longer with each other anymore. Only nine days after the announcement, Fox had shared a birthday post featuring a photo of her holding West.

Does Peter Artemiev Has Children with Julia Fox

Just before giving birth to her son, Julia Fox shared photos of her pregnancy with her followers on social media. Valentino was born on January 17, 2021, and while Fox has claimed that Peter intentionally got her pregnant. She is happy to have her son in her life and also says that she will be taking care of the baby for life.

In a recent Instagram story, Fox talks about the situation, stating that he “1000 percent intentionally got me pregnant”. She continued, “It’s a blessing. I’m happy about it. I would not change it.”

Despite her positive feelings about her son, Fox has recently accused Artemiev of abandoning both her and their child. In a post on her Instagram story on December 21, she shared a photo of him. Here she was asking if anyone had seen the “deadbeat dad”.

Fox went on to express her concern that her son would feel not loved by his father. She also shares that he had left her with a five-month-old baby. She them mention about their dog, a home, and all the bills, which she deemed as wrong and unfair.


Peter Artemiev and Julia Fox has a lot of chemistry between them. Both have a good start to the relationship which even leads to their child. However, they move further away as the time goes on and eventually breaking up. If you want to learn more about them, their relationship and contrivances then read this article.

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