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Ever questioned who Norstrat is and what it does? So, if you’re interested in starting a business, you should learn more about Norstrat, its goals, and the services it offers because doing so could speed up the process of building your company’s growth plans or removing any hurdles. In this article we have mentioned what it is and many more questions.

What is Norstrat?

Norstrat Consulting Inc. is a consulting firm with the main objective of providing technological and commercial solutions. To help you as their clients in reaching their aims and achieving their company goals, they make decisions and put creative plans into practise.


This business also functions as a communications company with a focus on public relations, government affairs, and marketing communications. Norstrat has been in business for more than ten years, and it has operations in both Canada and the United States. It has expanded to presently has a sizable number of people that are knowledgeable in many different sectors.

Lee Carson, the CEO of this consulting firm, secured more than $200 million in Canadian contracts. The company’s primary area of focus is on big projects funded by the government.

An Overview of Norstrat Company’s History

Norstrat is a business with strong Canadian roots. They began as a tiny business with just one office there, but since then, the business has expanded and has been able to reach the United States. It has developed into one of the top consulting firms with solid ties to the military and government.

Norstrat Consulting

Norstrat didn’t take long to develop into an communications firm that provides cutting-edge content strategy, media affairs, and social media promotion services to global brands and companies. The company is now expanding quickly and seeking to expand internationally.

Services Offered by Norstrat

This business offers a huge range of communication and consulting services. The business has a large staff of strategic consulting experts who assist its clients with all aspects of brand building. They help in the creation and execution of new customers and retention plans as well as the launch of a product.

The consultants also have a good amount of knowledge working for the government, in lobbying, campaign platform, and election preparation and management. Norstrat will help you, if you’re a small company owner or a large corporation searching for a trusted business consulting service. The company’s professionals are very knowledgeable and experienced in many different sectors.

What Procedure Does Norstrat Use For Its Clients?

Typically, the process involves helping the client navigate the government’s overall northern strategy and it’s potential. They were tasked with helping the customer discover and access the key connected shareholders and tasks as part of this procedure. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, such as by exchanging domain knowledge on crucial subjects. Or it might also refer to fresh possibilities for improving the infrastructure in the North.

In addition to using professional bidders, managing infrastructure development projects successfully is another important factor. They include everything in the bundle they provide and even tailor it to each client’s specific requirements. The client is free to talk about all of this before choosing a package for their overall costs.

Can You Work With Norstrat?

The key strengths of Norstrat include online marketing, media affairs, food and drink Marketing, and social media optimization, so if your company requires any of these services, you should think about working with them. Market analysis, trademark, brand designing, strategic communications management, and digital consulting are just a few of the many services that Norstrat offers.

Because clients of H&K have connection to the company’s global network, this is essential. Additionally, they have access to 400 public relations experts.

Additionally, Norstrat and H&K Strategies work closely together on client engagements, combining Norstrat’s expertise in digital marketing with H&K’s wealth of knowledge in traditional public relations, which makes for an excellent business partnership.

As a result, they provide services including developing strategies for digital communication projects like public relations, with a focus on food and beverage industries.

Where are Norstrat Headquartered and Where Does It Operate?

Norstrat has been located in Ottawa and co-located with several ministries and agencies of the federal government since its beginnings. The firm’s primary tasks are in the regions of northern Canada and countries that it oversees. They are near to the national representing organization ITK’s main headquarters.

The group works to defend the major rights and concerns of Inuit across Canada. Not to add that Ottawa had a fantastic aviation link to the northern regions. From here, they serve clients across continents and, on occasion, on a worldwide scale.

What exactly is Norstrat Priority?

It connected the entire country of Canada from east to west and moved slowly. This time, they are concentrating on the southern and northern infrastructural sectors for maximum expansion.

This time, though, the spotlight is not on a train, but on a collection of various infrastructure projects. All of this is required for the growth and stability of the Northern regions. Norstrat’s top priority is to consult clients on these next-level projects.

Norstrat Has How Many Networking Partners?

The Northern strategy is vast and diversified, with various methods to disciplinary tasks. To complete these objectives, they have a broad network of advisory teams and professional partners. Their professionals are the greatest at giving you with the help you need.


Everyone wants to maximise profitability and create precise and realistic business goals, and Norstrat is a firm that can help you reach these objectives and get closer to your goals. Their employees’ knowledge and cutting-edge technology tools helped build their business and help expand many others across Canada and the United States. Read the above article to learn more about them in detail.

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