DdongJeem’s Wrath Has Wrecked Havoc In South Korea: Learn About The Bizzare Game

Ddongjeem game

Recently the Squid game has people talking. However, even before the squid game, we had another game that’s equally destructive. Yes, we are talking about Ddongjeem game. There are a lot of people out there who might advise you not to poke in other people’s business. Seems like a few people have taken the advice in the wrong way. Now, children are poking at other people’s bums as a prank. 

If you have watched Naruto anime then you will surely remember the famous ‘one thousand years of death jutsu’. Yes, we are talking about ‘That’ ultimate Jutsu that Kakashi used on Naruto. Well, Ddongjeem is something like that in a different name. 

So, if you want to know more about this bizarre game then you are in the right place. We will provide you with everything you need to know about this game and how it has become one of the most popular yet bizarre pranks among little kids. 

Beware Of The Poop Needle’s Point

So, if you are thinking to travel to South Korea recently, then beware of poop needles. Ddongjeem or poop needle is basically a prank that has become popular among children. As we said earlier, it’s quite similar to Kakashi’s One Thousand years of death technique. In other words, it’s a prank where a person will use their index fingers to poke at someone in-between their buttcheeks with as much force as they can muster. It’s bizarre because this prank can be deadly. 

Furthermore, it’s also worth telling that not only children practice this bizarre prank but the adults too. Yes, the adults too practice this as a normal prank. In fact, in Korea, you will also find a statue of this prank somewhere. There was a time when somebody wished to build a statue of kids frolicking. However, later on, they decided the statue be made as ddongjeem statue. 

Therefore, as a tourist, it’s not safe at all. In fact, if you ask a teacher in any South Korean School they will tell you about their weird experiences of sneak attacks. So, children at times use this prank as a sneak attack to ‘defeat their opponent’. It’s bizarre, funny, and also dangerous. 

In fact, there are also South Korean tourists who pose as ddongjeem sneak attackers to any famous monuments. It’s really funny and a way for them to have fun. 

Japan Seems To Have Started This Game First

A lot of people know Japan as the originator of these bizarre pranks. So, a lot of people think that this game bears resemblance to Kancho. In fact, in Taiwan, people call this prank a qiannian sha. Moreover, as we mentioned before, this is exactly similar to Kakashi’s one thousand years of death Jutsu. 

This Prank Is Now Available As A Game As Well

This prank has become so much popular that a lot of people are now using it differently. For example, a South Korean game developer used this prank in 2001. He created an arcade game and infused this prank in that. In fact, he also got a lot of revenue from the Japanese market due to this game. People who played it before may know this game as Boong-ga Boong-Ga. So, the whole aim of this game is to accumulate as many points as possible by plugging a plastic finger into a bum as quickly as possible. 

Final Words:

As a game, it’s surely bizarre for sure. It’s pretty much popular among children and adults alike in South Korea. While it’s fun and games for sure but it can be deadly. Yes, it might sound like something strange coming from a ‘boomer’. However, sneaking up like that with ddongjeem attack is never a good idea.

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