Relive The PUBG Game Once Again As It’s Launching In India Tomorrow


As a PUBG lover, it wasn’t that pleasant moment at all over the last few months or so. As the government had banned the app from India, a lot of people were deprived of this lovely game. So, the PUBG game, as we know, is a famous battle royal game where a lot of people could play simultaneously. 

If you already know what a battle royal game is, then you probably know what we are talking about. Moreover, people just loved this game because it offered a lot of cool features. In addition, it had wonderfully clear graphical details to it. 

However, as we said earlier, the Govt banned this app for a year or so due to reasons. But the game, PUBG New State will now launch tomorrow simultaneously for both IOS and Android platforms. So, if you like PUBG, then it’s probably great news for you. Now’s the time to enjoy the fun that PUBG offered. 

So, if you wish to know more about the new game, then go through this article. In this article, we will share some riveting facts about the new PUBG New State game. In addition, we will also share the new aspect of this game and how you are going to love this one. 

Promises Of New PUBG Game

So, the New PUBG game promises to be really good as per the reports. In fact, the company has already started to roll out the pre-registration form for gamers.

After govt banned the original PUBG developers app from the google play store in India, the company launched BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India. Even though it has performed really well in the country, a new PUBG game is always welcome. 

So, now’s the time to pre-register and submerge in the world of battle royal. On this note, it’s worth telling that this game will launch not only in India but in a lot of other countries as well. 

Pre-Registration & News

So, as we said earlier, you can already pre-register in this new PUBG Game. If you missed out then now’s the last time to do it. From tomorrow, all the gamers will be able to download this game and battle with others online. 

So, if you have already pre-registered on Android or Ios devices, then you can play this game from tomorrow. In other words, you will be able to download this game from Playstore or App Store, whatever you have. 

However, it’s not clear when exactly the game will hit the play store or app store. We know that it’ll come on 11th November, but the timing isn’t clear. However, it’s also true that those who have already pre-registered this game won’t even have to download it manually. Yes, it will be downloaded automatically into their devices if they have already registered. 

A Bit On PUBG New State

So, let’s talk about this game PUBG New State before we sign off. In this game, you will find a futuristic setting. The game will have the setting of 2051 where there will be new futuristic weapons. 

Moreover, you will also see a lot of drones in action in this game as well. On this note, it’s worth noting that the South Korean Company Krafton INC has made this game as well. Moreover, you will also find this game in 17 different languages as well. So, you can just hit the play store or app store and find the game to download tomorrow. 

Furthermore, you will also get a lot of weapon customization options in this new PUBG New State game as well. Just like old PUBG, this one too is a battle royale. In fact, you will appreciate the graphics on this game as well. They have done a lot to make the game graphically look amazing, something that we can see from the trailer of this game itself. 

Ending Note:

So, it will be interesting to see whether it makes a similar popularity chart like its predecessor in India.