6 Surprising Industries That Require a Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers

Graphic design has become increasingly popular with all the new businesses opening daily. People in the graphic design industry may wonder which companies need a designer most and what they can expect to run into during their careers. 

Nowadays, every business owner wants their website or workplace to look visually pleasing, and they can achieve that with the help of graphic designers. 

Moreover, people have started to choose visually pleasing products over practical ones. The reason is that those esthetics create value for consumers, making them see esthetically pleasing products as more seamless to use than those who don’t fulfill this requirement. 

Find out which industries require graphic designers to improve business and attract more customers. 

Government jobs 

Governments of many states and countries hire graphic designers for various documents, posts, and advertisements. Moreover, many states across the globe use social media to notify their citizens about the latest national and global news. Thus, they need a graphic designer to take care of their social media posts. 

Some institutions, such as federal institutions, hire graphic designers to help them with specific tasks or cases. For example, the FBI may require a graphic designer who will draw a picture of a wanted criminal.

Although these jobs may not be full-time, you can still work as a graphic designer for your state or country. 


As you may already know, graphic designers are responsible for creating book covers, newspaper art, etc. They have been working in the publishing industry since its inception. However, educational publishers also need them. 

Educational institutions hire graphic designers to make characters in children’s books and school literature suitable for a specific age of students. Graphic designers also create all additional materials, such as flashcards, games, and quizzes.

With the growth of demand for materials for online teaching, graphic designers have come up with some interactive and innovative materials that are suitable for the online teaching environment. 


Have you ever walked into a store and thought, “That’s a nice-looking bar of chocolate”? If you have, you have admired the graphic designer responsible for creating a design that caught your attention – you were not attracted to the product itself. In the packaging industry, appearance is critical since people will mostly buy something that looks attractive at first sight. 

One such industry is the candy-production industry. It combines graphic design and flop wrap machines to create products that look tasty even in a wrapper. There are various tips and tricks graphic designers use to create this effect, such as keeping the design simple and clean. 

Influencer marketing

Nowadays, more and more people use social media to influence other people and help them live better lives. Some social media influencers collaborate with brands that require high-quality graphic design. Others incorporate graphic design skills to gain more reach on their social media posts. 

As for brands and labels, graphic designers create logos that will be unique to a particular influencer. As soon as someone sees the font of the letters or the design, they will know which influencer is in question. 

Moreover, some influencers use cartoons to influence other people. Creating them requires some graphic design experience. 

Typography design

One of the most overlooked jobs as a graphic designer is typography design, predominantly designing fonts. In the digital publishing industry, creating fonts is a game-changer. As previously mentioned, graphic designers often create unique fonts for professionals to make their products stand out. 

What is most surprising about this industry is that it is very time-consuming. Designers often take weeks or even months to create an entirely new font for a certain client. To do so, a designer must have advanced typographic skills that will enable them to create something innovative and unique. 

Infographic design

Some companies use infographics to represent various statistics about their business or a specific topic. To illustrate these infographics coherently and precisely, you might need help from a graphic designer expert. Graphic designers possess the skill of presenting data using visually striking design, leaving no space for confusion. 

Today, everyone wants to be included in the statistics and know all the relevant numbers: pollution rates, inflation rates, etc. Graphic designers are those who help us understand all the graphs and data presented to us – they are genuine life-savers when it comes to precision and coherency. 


Graphic designers have skills that can be useful for many industries, such as web design, game development, etc. However, these “traditional” or common jobs are not the only ones that require a graphic designer’s help. 

Looking everywhere around us, we see graphic designers have created most of the items we own. These people make the world a more beautiful place with their wide range of skills.

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