Who Invented Blow Up Dolls? A Few Cool Full Facts Of It

Who Invented Blow Up Dolls

Many things in the world make us question why it came to be in the first place. Well, one of them would be the Blow-up dolls. So, who invented blow up dolls and why? Now that’s an interesting question because we don’t even know the original inventor of the blow-up doll.

For those of you, who aren’t quite familiar with this term, let’s just say a blow-up doll is a s*x doll. Since time immemorial, people have found different means to impart their love. Some of them found their soulmate in their lifetime; others resorted to using dolls to derive pleasure. People use the cheap blow-up dolls that we see on our market for this very purpose. Moreover, people are buying dolls to engage in weird activities and serving pleasure.

Indeed, some people are using dolls to cope up with their loneliness. Yes, it’s really sad, but it’s also a reality indeed. In other cases, people have been using cheap Blow up dolls as s*x tools. So, people trying to build a strong, healthy, emotional and romantic relationship with their doll must have always thought about who the inventor is.

So, in this article, we shall discuss the inventor as well as some wonderful facts about the dolls that you must know. So, if you want to find out about these details, then give this article a read.

Who Invented Blow Up Dolls

Who Invented The Blow Up Dolls?

There’s no clue about the original inventor of the Blow up dolls, but there are some details about the earliest s*x doll. So, according to the sources, the earliest s*x doll’s creators are the Dutch sailors of the 17th century. They used a doll made up of cloth to satisfy their s*xual needs during long voyages on the seas.

Furthermore, there’s another record we have in our hands about the creator. So, we see the first Blow up doll recorded in Iwan Bloch, a psychiatrist’s book, ‘The S*xual Life of Our Time.’ It’s worth mentioning that he published the book back in 1908. There he described that people use the Blow up dolls chiefly for s*xual purposes.

Moreover, after the s*xual revolution of the late sixties, people saw advertisements in the daily magazines where they were allowed to select dolls with different hair colors and styles that the customers liked.

Blow Up Dolls

Did Nazis Have Something To Do With This Doll?

Many people are also talking about whether Hitler invented blow up dolls for some weird purpose. Well, they aren’t far off. During WWII, there was a rumor that Adolf Hitler ordered a bulk of s*x dolls to supply to the German troops who were fighting on the front lines.

People rumored about the Borghild project, which supplied many s*x dolls to the nazi soldiers to combat the spread of Syphilis. So therefore, we can see how nazis did invent s*x dolls after all.

So, if you want to know more about the project, don’t worry because we will tell you all about it. According to the sources, Henrich Himmler’s 1940 sent a memo to Hitler. In that memo, he informed about the syphilis problem in the prostitution houses of Paris. He said, “the greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores”.

Therefore, Hitler approved the project and ordered to provide s*x dolls to the front-line soldiers. So, in this way, they could please themselves and satisfy their s*xual needs. Moreover, it was to avoid them going into the brothels of Paris. Since it was Hitler who gave the thumbs up for the project, people are saying that it was Hitler who invented blow up dolls.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hitler gave his approval to this Blow up doll project to save his troops from catching the syphilis disease. In addition, he indeed gave this order under Franz Tschackert at Geran Hygiene Museum.

Lack Of Evidence To The Theory

The whole theory of Hitler being the one who invented blow up dolls wikipedia is probably just a hoax because no conclusive evidence supports this theory. Therefore, due to lack of evidence, people thought this theory to be a hoax in early 2000. In fact, the main supporting evidence was the two pictures which people secured from the trash. However, there was no way of proving its authenticity.

Furthermore, curious people also contacted the German Hygiene Museum, and they didn’t hear anything about this s*x doll project. So now the question remains about the original inventor. Well, there’s no way to guess who the mastermind behind this doll was, but one thing is for sure, somebody has made something neat indeed.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts On Blow Up Dolls

Love dolls or blow-up dolls, whatever you call them, have become a thing of this generation. A lot of people are using these to please themselves. In fact, with growing technology, these things are becoming more and more advanced. So, let’s check out some bizarre facts about the love dolls that you didn’t already know.

They Can Be Expensive As Well

Well, you have probably heard of the cheap blow-up dolls selling like hotcakes in the market for questionable reasons. Now guess what, they can be quite pricy as well. In fact, some of these dolls are nothing but plastic, yet they cost a lot.

For example, some of the dolls can be up to $10,000! Well, a lot goes into the design, so that’s probably one of the reasons for its hefty price. However, people seem to be having no problem with it, because they are buying despite the price.

Choosing The Dolls Based On Resemblance

Well, now that’s a bizarre fact right here. A lot of people buy dolls that look like their exes. We know that the more expensive the dolls are, the more distinct they are in facial expressions.

So, there’s a trend going on these days that people are buying dolls that looks like their ex-girlfriend. For example, a girl dumped his boyfriend for some reason. Soon after, the guy bought a blow-up doll that looked like her girlfriend. So, it’s creepy and bizarre.

Nope, They Aren’t Devices To Float

These dolls made up of plastic aren’t the exact device you want to use as a floater on the pool. So next time your little boy brings that blow-up doll to the pool to use as a floater, you have to snatch it away before anybody can see it to save yourself some embarrassment.

Actually, there was a woman who used a blow-up doll for swimming in a pool. So, it’s bizarre and funny if you do see something like this.

Using The Blow Up Dolls In Competitions

Apparently, Europeans are doing something crazy that probably no one has ever thought was possible. They are exerting their brains to come up with some weird competitions that include using these cheap blow-up dolls. So, what’s this competition is all about? Well, there’s a race festival in some areas of Europe, which people all as ‘National Men’s Day.’ So, at that festival, they use these blow-up s*x dolls as rafts!

Moreover, in Russia, you will see a ‘Bubble Baba’ challenge with men riding with these love dolls. We know it’s bizarre and spooky, but sometimes, the reality is often interesting rather than disappointing. So, to those who invented blow up dolls right now, it’s a fine achievement indeed.

Not One But 200! 

Anybody who invented blow up dolls probably hadn’t thought of this before making it. Who needs just one love doll when they can have more than 200! Certainly, the British Couple Bob and Lizzy had better things in their mind when they decided to get 200 of these s*x dolls.

So, why do they even have a lot of these dolls in the first place? Do they even use them for ‘That’ purpose? Actually, no, they don’t use them for s*xual stuff. Instead, they love to live with these dolls, have tea, hang out, and eat lunch.

In fact, Bob said that he doesn’t have s*x with these dolls but does all the stuff that we just mentioned. Moreover, these dolls aren’t cheap at all. The fact that they own 200 of these expensive dolls speaks a lot.

According to them, each of these dolls costs about $4.5k. Currently, they have around $150,000 worth of these dolls. Certainly, they have created a name for themselves in this doll business.

Marrying The Blow Up Dolls

Apparently, a guy from Michigan tied knots with his dolls. The man we know as ‘Davecat’ has three s*x dolls married to one of the dolls. So, he calls his ‘wife’ doll Sidore Kuroneko. As for other dolls, he has named them Muriel and Elena. However, they are just intimate friends to him, nothing more than that.

Summing It Up:

So, we got to know some great information on Blow up dolls. Though there are many clouds over blow up dolls, one thing is for sure, people have truly embraced it and are using it however they like.

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