Starting Your Own E-commerce Career in 2021

E-commerce Career

In this day and age it’s important to have options. Starting a career in E-commerce is a great way to not only supplement your income, but to do so on your own terms.

US E-commerce grew by 44% in 2020, a year that had many twists and turns for businesses of every type. People spent $861.12 billion online during a year of global pandemic. For those who would like to get in on the action, starting an online business is a great place to begin.

Are you a maker crafting products by hand or facilitating logistics when it comes to off-site materials, controlling entire inventories with a single mouse click? E-commerce is a multi-faceted industry, and it will help those looking to start a fruitful career in E-commerce to know a few tips before starting their at-home business.

Figure Out What You Can Feasibly Sell

If you make beanies by hand and other accessories, you can sell your products online with a simple Etsy page. Or, if you’re more service-oriented, you can also set up your business online and optimize your site (also your point of sale) for consumers in your area.

Make sure that you use a bit of cold hard logic and apply it to your business model and your product/service offering. Find out ways to expand your line of products or suite of services, so that you can appeal to a wide number of customers within your industry niche.

Offer What Other E-commerce Options Don’t

Take pride in your work. Your responsiveness and your product both deserve your attention and you’ll have a much better and easier time setting up your E-commerce business investing into both of these realms. 

If you can make each and every customer/client feel seen, heard, and taken care of — both at the point of sale and afterwards — you’ll be able to achieve a high customer satisfaction rate. Encourage your customers/clients to tell their stories about what it’s like to work with you and you’ll begin to gain some very important E-commerce credibility.

Create a Fantastic Website

As an E-commerce business you’ll need to ensure that your website is clean, visually stunning, and easy to use/navigate. You’ll want to make sure that your customers know their information is safe as well — springing for good web hosting and online security will ensure you and your customers don’t have any breaches of trust.

Having high resolution images of your products and inventory is a great idea and will let people know that you take pride in your products and your E-commerce business. 

For instance, if you’re planning on starting up a car selling service online, you can create virtual showrooms instead of footing the bill for a brick and mortar showroom — which can get very expensive very quickly. Car images also need to be pristine. Be as transparent as you can about what your products and offerings will look like when they hit the hands of the customer.

Investing your time, a little bit of money, and a lot of effort will ensure that your E-commerce business is in the exact position it needs to be in to succeed. Having a great website, being responsive and responsible, and focusing on your products and services are all great areas to focus your attention, both when you start your business and after things get going.

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