Amazing Parcel Drop Boxes For Your Residence

Parcel Drop Boxes

In the year 2020, one in every 10 UK citizens has had their parcel lost or stolen. The solution to it? Invest in a good parcel Dropbox for your residence.

A parcel Dropbox is a smart way of securing your parcels from theft, weather elements, or pets. These boxes come with different security features that allow a parcel to be deposited into them but they cannot be taken out by anybody except the owner.

This parcel dropbox is a must-have home safety accessory for your residence. They offer 24/7 parcel delivery irrespective of your physical presence at home. In addition to this, they also offer contact-less deliveries, a significant feature needed during the present times.

Let’s have a look at some amazing parcel drop boxes for your residence.

Based on Security:

  • Parcel Drop Box With Physical Locks

These lockable parcel boxes can be secured by a padlock, a lock-key system, or keyed locks. Some of these drop boxes also have combination lock systems. There is no Bluetooth or wifi connectivity here.

It is just a simple old-fashioned key and lock system, for people who don’t have enough trust in modern tech or people who don’t want to make parcel delivery a complexity.

The keyed drop boxes are hard to break in. They are easy to employ and relatively affordable than smart parcel drop boxes. Although they don’t provide as many features like a smart post box, they are still a very secure option.

  • Parcel Drop Box With Smart Locks

These parcel boxes use a network connection and send you a message as soon as a delivery is made. They have smart locks which are tamper-proof and do not require a key or combination to open.

They can be simply unlocked with a click on your phone. This makes it hassle-free. They also have anti-phishing bars which stop thieves from grabbing your courier from the parcel box. Some smart drop boxes also come with a barcode feature, allowing couriers to scan the code and mark it as delivered.

They come with different features like a motion camera, tamper alarm, etc. This makes them super safe for the delivery of your expensive purchases.

Based on Installation Features

  • Floor Standing Postal Drop Boxes

These are secured to the ground by bolting them to the floor or weighing them down using weights physically. These are perfect for heavy parcel delivery. They also have more space so they can accommodate more parcels than other types of drop boxes.

They can be fitted on your porch, driveway, or garden. They provide extra protection from robbers who are not afraid of stealing your entire parcel box and carrying them away.

  • Wall-Mounted Drop Boxes

These are also called parcel letterboxes since they are mounted on the walls like a letterbox. It is a little tough to put big and heavy parcels in them. But it is an excellent choice for people who have limited space or someone whose door opens right on the street.

Wall-mounted boxes can also be a secure alternative to letterboxes. Your important and confidential documents can be home delivered and remain safe until you are home to collect them.

Based on Structure

  • Plastic Parcel Drop Boxes

These are lightweight and can be easily mounted to a wall or jammed into the ground. However, plastic can be easily cut or tampered with. Nevertheless, these are an affordable option for people looking for a lightweight, weatherproof post box for home.

It is perfect for avoiding ‘grab and dash’ types of package theft. Nonetheless, for more security, we suggest you go for the steel-bodied parcel boxes.

  • Wooden Parcel Drop Boxes

These parcel drop boxes are made of solid wood and are rot-resistant. They have the benefit of suiting your aesthetics since the rugged wooden look gives your porch a well-suited modern impression.

However, these are not as safe as other boxes. Rain can seep in from gaps and even thieves have the equipment to open these boxes and steal packages.

  • Steel Parcel Drop Boxes

Although they won’t appeal much to your aesthetics, these are one of the safest options for parcel deliveries. They are made up of galvanized steel or a mixture of steel and aluminum. They are coated with rust-resistant material to make them weatherproof. However, it can still get rusty if some underlying parts are exposed to rain.

They are sturdy, so it becomes hard to break in. They are not only protecting your parcels from theft, but also water, dust, and UV rays. This makes them perfect, even for fresh contactless grocery deliveries these days.

Source: pixabay

Based on Affordability

  • Buy a Parcel Box

There are hundreds of options in the market for you to choose from. You can buy a postbox online or get one from a shop by reviewing the above-mentioned criteria that best suits your needs. They come in different colors and sizes for you to select from.

Some of these outside drop boxes are affordable, while some others like the smart post boxes may be a little heavy on your pocket. But you can rest assured that it is a solid investment for years of tension-free parcel deliveries.

  • DIY Parcel Box

You can build your very own security box for your home. You just need some leftover wood from your garden or a ply that can be bought at a cheap price from the market. These are then cobbled together using some tools.

Watch a YouTube tutorial to understand it better. You can customize the box according to your needs and color it to suit your background. A DIY box is the most affordable option for people looking for cheaper alternatives for securing their packages.


Parcel drop boxes are a value-for-money investment. They allow you peace of mind while you are out on vacation and an important parcel suddenly turns up at your door. No more embarrassing conversation with your neighbor about picking up your orders and no more ‘sorry we missed you’ cards in your letterboxes.

These boxes are a must-have accessory that house builders should provide as a built-in feature for future-ready homes. Get your hands on a secure Dropbox box and lead an eco-friendly life with increased rates of first attempt deliveries.