Why Do I Need a Trial Lawyer for My Case and Not Just Any Old Lawyer?

trial lawyer

While all licensed lawyers have the right to plead in court in the United States, if you’re involved with a serious criminal case or a litigation case, it’s almost always best to hire a trial lawyer.

trial lawyer
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What is a trial lawyer?

A jury trial is a lawful proceeding held in court used for a significant share of serious criminal cases. A trial lawyer is the expert you need to represent you in court for a serious criminal case, but trial lawyers, like those at The Gomez Firm, can also represent you in other cases, such as gaining compensation for auto accident injuries.

While other types of lawyers can suffice for some cases, when it comes to criminal cases, you first need a criminal defense lawyer and then potentially a trial attorney.

Criminal defense lawyers represent people accused of crimes. The vast majority of criminal cases no longer actually go to court, Instead, they’re settled with plea deals or other pre-trial resolutions, which are handled by the criminal defense lawyer. But if a trial is scheduled, you then need a trial lawyer to represent you.

Criminal defense lawyers can become trial lawyers when cases need to go to court, so you could keep the same attorney throughout the whole process. Alternatively, the criminal defense lawyer may step aside for a trial lawyer to proceed with the case in court.

In addition to representing defendants in criminal cases, trial lawyers can represent clients in civil litigation cases.

A trial lawyer has many responsibilities, including preparing the case for trial, contacting witnesses, building a record, and arguing motions.

Trial lawyers also have expertise in picking juries, conducting cross-examinations, and delivering compelling arguments.

Furthermore, trial lawyers are experienced in handling the high pressure that comes from being inside the courtroom during a trial by jury case.

Why You Need a Trial Lawyer and Not Just Any Old Lawyer

The above overview should give you a clear idea of why trial lawyers are always the best choice for a serious criminal case that goes to court. A trial lawyer can also be an excellent choice for litigation cases.

But, as previously mentioned, other types of lawyers could potentially represent you, although they will generally be more ineffective than professional trial lawyers.

For example, litigators typically end up settling cases outside of court in a long and drawn-out process that ends up being costly for clients.

On the other hand, trial lawyers prefer to actively pursue cases in court to protect their clients’ innocence and rights.

And even though criminal defense lawyers have the option to become trial lawyers, most prefer not to.

Whatever type of case you are involved with, if you need representation, getting a trial lawyer usually makes the most sense.

Final Thoughts

Appearing in a courtroom can be very intimidating, especially if you have been accused of a crime. If you don’t have the best representation, the court becomes an even scarier place.

Due to the complexities of the legal system in the United States, you need a lawyer who has the relevant expertise to argue your case.

Even if the case is something less serious, such as claiming compensation to cover medical bills after being involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, a trial lawyer will have the expertise needed to successfully win a case.

Quite simply, when you’re involved in a court case, you need the best representation you can get. So, you should contact a trial lawyer.