Reasons Why Max Mayfield Is One Of The Best Characters In Netflix’s Stranger Things


The Stranger Things have produced a lot of memorable characters and one of them is Max Mayfield. Well, there can’t be any fans out there right now who can’t love Max Mayfield Stranger things or Mad Max.

So, it’s true that throughout the seasons, from her first entry in 2nd season to the 4th season of 2022, the character has gone through a lot. Despite her rough background, she has withstood everything through sheer bravery and power. Of course, it was Vecna in the latest season who exploited her psychological trauma in the latest Season. But, nonetheless, she is one of the most memorable characters for many reasons.

From being the best at video games with the title Mad Max to her relationship with Lucas, there are a lot of things that go around Max’s life. Moreover, we should also note her rough relationship with his brother Billy. All in all, Max Mayfield Stranger things is a fantastic character that shows a lot of great things.

Of course, who can forget the iconic Running Up The Hills season in the Max Mayfield s4, right? Well, that’s just one of the cherries in the top that make her a wonderful cast.

If you want to know more about Max and what makes her the best in this series, then you are at the right place. Here we will mention a few reasons why she is one of the best characters in the show.

Here Are The Reasons Why Max Is One Of The Best Characters In The Show ‘Stranger Things’


Max Mayfield Being Herself
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She may not have superpowers that allow her to save the world. However, she is very realistic in a sense and has a lot of depth. Played by Sadie Sink, Max Mayfield stranger things is definitely a fan-favorite, more so, after the latest season of the show.

Max Mayfield Being Herself

Well, when we meet Max for the first time in the Stranger Things episode, Mad Max, she comes across as Tomboyish. Her androgynous clothing, love for skateboarding, and being kickass at the arcade make her an intriguing figure. Moreover, we shouldn’t also forget about her sassy nature, which is another thing to love about her. 

Max Mayfield season 3 also shows her as the same Max, just this time, she dresses a bit less tomboyish. However, she still loves skateboarding and she felt that it was necessary for her. She’s also a feminist and just loves to be herself. 

A Brave Character

A Brave Character
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When we see Max in the 3rd and 4th seasons, we see a Max who’s not just sassy but brave as well. Yes, she has a lot of problems in her personal life. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that she is brave. 

For instance, Max Mayfield season 4, or the latest season of StrangerThings shows Max as a very brave person. She goes back to the Creel House knowing very well that Vecna could easily kill her. It’s a sign of true bravery for sure. Moreover, she is also a person who sticks her neck out for the people she cares about. It was she who put the needle in Billy, his brother’s neck at the Byer’s house. Furthermore, she also helped Billy to take control back. 

Well, we have to say that the Max Mayfield stranger things character truly wins the heart of the viewers with the latest season. In the fourth season, we see a broken Max, a Max who is under tremendous psychological trauma. It has to do with her feeling a sense of guilt for her brother, Billy’s death. However, it’s also true, and something that Vecna showed, as if, Max secretly wanted her Brother’s death. So, in the final season, she shows a level of bravery and fights Vecna and her own thoughts. 

The Iconic Running Up The Hill

Perhaps this scene alone in season 4 of the show makes Max Stranger Things one of the best characters. It was a scene full of hype as well, and credit goes to Sadie Sink for her acting in this scene. The running up the hill episode shows Max fighting her inner demons as well as Vecna in Upside Down. The song Running Up The Hill provides her comfort and she finally makes it back alive. 

Max Mayfield
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  • How Old Is Max Mayfield?

Season 4 of the show takes place in 1986, and Max’s birth year is 1971. Therefore, she is around 15 years old as of the latest season.

  • How Old Is Max Mayfield Stranger Things?

She is around 15 years old.

  • When Is Max Mayfield Birthday Stranger Things?

It’s 12th July 1971.

  • When Was Max Mayfield Born Stranger Things?

She was born in the year 1971, on 12th July.

  • When Is Max Mayfield Birthday?

Max celebrates her birthday on 12th July.

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