Ryder Robinson – Gets A Cheesy Message On His Graduation

Ryder Robinson
Credit: hello magazine

Ryder Robinson graduated from high school on Thursday and his parents could not be prouder. In fact, his mother Kate Hudson took to Instagram to write a long, emotional post on how she felt. She mentioned the fact that it was a big day for the family and Ryder had done very well for himself.

We often talk to our kids about things like high school and college, but such milestones always seem far and unattainable. Until one day, it finally arrives and then we have to bid farewell to the kid who grew up so fast. It seems magical when you think of it this way. 

A Proud Moment

Furthermore, Kate called her eldest son the most incredible young man she had ever known. She praised his gentle and compassionate nature, adding it was an honor to raise him as her child. She also called him hilarious and patient.

Naturally, Kate is pretty excited to see how the next chapter in Ryder’s life unfolds and wished him the best of luck. She empathized with all the parents who had to let their kids go, and says letting children fly is not an easy task, but a necessary one. 

In the photos, Ryder is seen posing with all his siblings Bingham Bellamy and Rani Fujikawa. All of them smiled for the cameras alongside their mother, looking adorable. Hudson shares her middle child Bellamy with Matt Bellamy and Ran with Danny Fujikawa.

In another photo, Kate and her current partner Chris Robinson are seen posing with their son at the graduation ceremony itself. The parents look very proud of their son who, we are told, passed his exams with flying colors and is all set to go to New York University next for higher studies. 

A Proud Moment
Credit: hello magazine

What the Future Holds

During the graduation ceremony, many of Hudson’s celebrity friends were also found to be in attendance. Famous American actress Leslie Mann was there, for example, along with her daughter Iris Apatow. Now the interesting thing about Iris Apatow and Ryder Robinson is that both of them are currently dating, and we cannot wait to say where they take things eventually. What’s more, the couple even celebrated an anniversary recently. Now that Ryder is a graduate, it is all the more reason to celebrate with his girlfriend now. 

Ryder is what you may call blue blood among the elite of America. His father is the frontman of The Black Crowes while his grandparents are Hollywood legends, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. He is an extremely talented young man with varied interests. Recently he took to Instagram to show off his skills as a musician but we think we might have a future in stand-up comedy as well.

What the Future Holds

It appears that the apple indeed does not fall that far from the tree. With such incredible genes as his, it is only a matter of time before he follows in both his parent’s footsteps. We think Hollywood might gain a fine actor in the near future. 

Ryder and Iris surprised and delighted fans in equal measure this summer by going on vacation together. He also made his relationship with Apatow public on Valentine’s Day this year. The two have been going rather strong for quite a while now. On their anniversary the couple exchanged some loving messages and fans all over the world all but swooned over the cute antics of Hollywood’s latest couple. 


1. Are Ryder Robinson and Iris Apatow together?

Yes they are together and going pretty strong. 

2. Will Ryder Robinson Iris Apatow marry?

Nothing is concrete for now but it does look possible. 

3. What is Ryder Robinson’s college?

Ryder Robinson is going to NYU. 

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