Jyll Rosenfeld, The Wife Of Jackie Mason, The Comedian

Jyll Rosenfeld

Jackie Mason and her wife Jyll Rosenfeld have enjoyed their life together for 30 years. Recently, the famous stand-up comedian Jackie Mason has passed away this year, 2021, on 24th July. So, naturally, this news is quite devastating for a lot of us, the fans, as well as his wife. The 93-year-old Jackie Mason made people laugh with his wonderfully quirky and funny jokes.

So, after his death, a lot of fans paid respect to the legendary comedian. They have also expressed their grief and paid condolences to his family members. So, the comedian has left behind his family and wife, Jyll Rosenfeld.

So, who is Jyll and what does she do? Well, if you wish to know some facts about Jyll Rosenfeld then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the life of Jyll and Jackie and how they met. In addition, we will also discuss their marital life in short.

A Brief Of Jyll, Jackie Mason’s Wife

Jyll Rosenfeld isn’t only famous as the wife of Jackie Mason but she is quite famous for being a writer and producer. In fact, people know her the most for her work in A Stroke of Genius, One Angry Man, Stiffs, etc.

As per the sources, Rosenfeld started her journey in the entertainment industry back in the year 1984. However, the sources tell that she’s not quite active since the year 2011.

Currently, she is in Manhattan, but there’s no information about her. For example, we don’t have an exact date of her birth date but from the sources, she’s around her early 80s. As we said earlier, she’s not quite active in the entertainment industry now.

Children of Jackie & Jyll

The duo Jackie Mason and Jyll Rosenfeld had a marital life of 30 years or so. In that long course of life, they didn’t share any children. However, Mason had a love child whose name is Sheba Mason. Even though she is the only daughter of Jackie Mason, he didn’t own her at all. In other words, he refused to accept her as his daughter. Therefore, they didn’t have a great relationship between them as well.

Mason himself has said a lot about this very fact. In his words, “She’s not my daughter…the doctor said it’s a lot of baloney…she makes a living calling herself my daughter…I don’t want to hurt anybody. If you want to call yourself my son, go ahead.”

It’s a really weird and crazy situation that we have here. Moreover, Sheba told the media that despite Mason’s blatant refusal of him to admit that he’s the father, there is an ample amount of proof. She said that there is proof of blood test – “The blood tests said I am his daughter, and he paid child support until I was 18.”

How Did The Comedian Jackie Die?

Jackie has left this world and left behind his wife Jyll Rosenfeld and Sheba, his loved daughter. Mason was one of the best comedians who earned immense success. So, as per the sources, he died at Mt. Sinai Hospital which is in Manhattan. Moreover, the reports said that he died peacefully with several close friends and family at his side.

As one of the best comedians of his time, he won numerous awards and accolades. For example, he won two prime time Emmy awards, a Special Tony Award, and also an Outer Critics Circle Special Award. In fact, it’s worth noting that one of his Emmy awards is for his role as the voice of Rabbi Krustofsky on ‘The Simpsons’.