Get Your House Sparkling Clean This Easter By Employing These Easy Power Washing Tips

House Sparkling Clean

As a cleaning method, Power washing has been increasingly popular for the past several decades and will become even more popular in the near future. Pressure washing services are available for all different types of situations. For instance, they work for residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Today, many Professional power washing companies are providing services for residential, commercial and industrial situations.

Many a time’s people tend to put too much energy and effort into cleaning their patios, cars, boats, grills and the exteriors of their houses. If you want to power wash your home yourself then follow these easy pressure washing tips and make your house Easter ready.

Tip 1: Know Your Machines

An electric home power washer probably won’t do a very good job unless you have a very small house they will probably clean a boat or car well but will be less than ideal for a larger house.

There is a stark difference in the ability of the different models. For instance, Electric machines operate at 2400 cleaning units. Gas power washing machines are better than electric machines and can get up to 6000 cleaning units or so, whereas professional machines can operate at 16,000 cleaning units.

It is advised to opt for a gas model if you can’t get the professional one to clean your house.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Nozzle

The size of the nozzle opening and the angle of the spray makes a difference during the job as one nozzle does not fit all.

Small machines have only one nozzle which adjusts the spray whereas professional machines offer the ability to switch over the nozzles depending on the washing task.

Tip 3: Be Safe

As you know that water and electricity don’t mix well. Cover the cable boxes and exterior lights with plastic. Also, ensure to check overhead electrical wires.
Stay safe as you will be standing in water most of the time when you are power washing.

Tip 4: Water Supply

Your hose will be required to deliver a certain amount of gallons per minute that is specified by the type of machine you choose.

You must test to see how long it takes to fill a 5-gallon pail, and then compare it to the gallons per minute that the machine requires.

Make sure to use a garden hose no more than 50 feet long, and use a kink free one.

Tip 5: Starting Up

In order to start the machine, you need to do the following things.

  • Ensure all your hose connections are tight so that no air can enter the lines.
  • Set the spray wand to low.
  • Turn the water on at full force.
  • Prime the pump and squeeze trigger to remove air from the system.
  • At last start the washer.

Tip 6: Using Chemicals

Use pressure washing cleaning solutions and chemicals that are approved for pressure washer use. Certain pressure washers come with the detergent injectors which allows continuous, uninterrupted flow of the cleaning solution into the water system. They are many companies providing Affordable power washing services using chemicals which are eco-friendly.

Tip 7: Vary The Spray

Keep adjusting the spray depending on what areas you are cleaning.  For example, for the toughest stains using a narrow spray and for general cleaning use the wider spray.

Tip 8: Work In Small Areas

Try to work in a small area at a time In order to prevent streaks and to keep track of what you have done.

Tip 9: Don’t Spray Windows

Clean your window trim and windows with a normal cleaning nozzle. Be mined full that high burst of a power washer can break windows, so be careful around them.

Tip 10: Be careful With Siding

The force of the spray can get behind the siding and cause moisture problems later on if you are not careful.
Ensure to hold the nozzle at an angle and use an extender wand for the higher areas If you are using the power washer on vinyl siding. You want the spray to hit the siding above and at an angle, not below so be extra cautious.

Tip 11: Protect Your Plants

Ensure to lay down tarps to cover all delicate plants.
If you have recently planted a new garden bed then ensure that the cleaner and spray do not harm the plants.

Tip 12: Choose Your Cleaner Carefully

This is one of the most important power washing

If you have garden plants near your house, make sure to choose a cleaner that is not only gentle with plants but also does a great job in the murky areas.

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