A Brief History of How The Kardashians Got Famous in Social Circles

Kardashians Got Famous

We all want to know how the Kardashians got famous. Everyone knows about the Kardashians, whether you’re a fan of reality TV or live in a remote place. But if you haven’t watched their show, you might ask: why are the Kardashians famous and how did they become famous? Also, they are the most famous family on the Internet. A horde of controversies follows them wherever they go and whatever they do. So naturally, there is a lot of interest about what they do and how they got so famous. 

Robert Kardashian the Lawyer

During the 90s, Robert Kardashian, who was the father of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, gained fame as a well-known attorney and close friend of American footballer O.J. Simpson. He had a good amount of wealth and was able to provide a comfortable life for his family, which played a part in their journey to becoming famous.

The O.J. Case

The Kardashian name gained recognition when Robert became a part of O.J. Simpson’s defense team during the trial for the murder of his wife Nicole. This created conflicts within the family because Kris Jenner, Robert’s wife, was close to Nicole and believed that O.J. was guilty.

Despite their differences, the family managed to set them aside and maintain a positive and happy relationship until Robert sadly passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003.

The O.J. Case

Kris and Bruce Jenner

After Kris and Robert’s divorce, the well-known momager married former Olympic star Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner) in 1991. Bruce already had four children of his own. This marriage played a role in the family’s journey to fame because Bruce had his own wealth and status.

To expand their family, Bruce and Kris had two more children, Kendall and Kylie, who added to their beautiful family.

Partying with Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian began gaining fame through her connection with Paris Hilton. In 2003, she appeared on The Simple Life as Paris Hilton’s assistant. Where her talent for organizing closets became noticeable. Also, this was the beginning of her stardom. She would only get more famous.

During that time, Kim was often photographed partying with Paris and was recognized as her “pretty brunette friend.” She later ventured into organizing and styling other well-known celebrities. Unexpectedly, a series of events occurred that propelled her to become a celebrity in her own right.

Kim’s Tape Leaks

The Kardashians became famous for various reasons, and some argue that Kim’s adult tape played a significant role in their rise to stardom. Kim’s well-known tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray-J became a sensation when it was leaked in 2007. 

This scandalous video quickly became a part of popular culture, bringing Kim into the spotlight and resulting in a settlement of a remarkable $5 million. It’s quite impressive considering it originated from a failed relationship and leaked tape! Also, it cemented her status as a woman who was not afraid of getting financial resettlement from failed relationships. 

Partying with Paris Hilton

The DASH Store

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe pursued their love for fashion by opening their clothing store called DASH in 2006. This venture significantly boosted their popularity and social standing. As they became more famous, their store gained even more attention and even had its own spin-off show on E! called Dash Dolls. The show featured young girls showcasing their customer service skills and competing to impress the Kardashian sisters.

Keeping up with The Kardashians

To discover how the Kardashian family became famous, simply tune into E! and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians! In 2007, Kris Jenner proposed the idea of a reality TV show to Ryan Seacrest, and the first episode aired on E!. Rumor has it that the show was created to reshape the narrative surrounding Kim, following the release of her scandalous video.

While some expected the reality show to fade away, season after season, we became hooked on the Kardashian lifestyle, witnessing their highs and lows. Now, after 20 seasons, this extraordinary family has become global superstars.

Kim’s Famous Appearances

Despite critics’ claims that the family was famous for simply being famous, the reality TV show opened numerous opportunities for the Kardashian children. Kris Jenner, their mother, never turned down a chance for them. When Kim received an offer to participate in Dancing With the Stars, despite her reputation for not being a great dancer, she gladly accepted. This opportunity helped her gain even more popularity in the celebrity realm.

Before long, Kim also attracted attention in the modeling and adult magazine industries. She became known for her controversial moments, starting with an iconic photoshoot for Playboy magazine. This was just the first of many such moments for Kim.

Keeping up with The Kardashians

A 72-Day Old Marriage

Why are the Kardashians famous, you ask? Well, their highly publicized relationships have played a significant role in maintaining their high status.

Kim’s short-lived 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries was another major factor in the Kardashians’ fame. Their wedding was extensively televised. And turned into a two-part special that garnered millions of viewers. Although it had an unexpected and unconventional ending.

Critics often suggested that it was simply a ploy for more fame. But the Kardashian sisters swiftly dismissed such rumors. They argued that if it was solely about grabbing attention Kim would have chosen a partner who was even more widely known. Ouch! Now that is really painful. 

Kanye and Kim

After her divorce, Kim found love in the rapper and influential musician Kanye West, who had been pursuing her for some time. Their romantic and highly publicized engagement, pregnancy announcements, and extravagant wedding transformed them into a renowned “power couple” and drastically altered the perception of Kim.

It is clear that Kim’s marriage to Kanye elevated her fame. Even though they are now divorced, Kim has openly acknowledged that being married to him brought her a “different level of respect.” Also, the couple was the talk of town for several years. They also got into several scandals. 

Caitlyn Jenner Transitions

The husband of Kris Jenner and father to Kendall and Kylie, whom we had been watching on KUWTK for years, made a surprising change that forever altered our perception of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Here it is. 

Caitlyn, previously known as ‘Bruce’ Jenner, publicly revealed her gender transition at the age of 65, sharing this news with her ex-wife and children as well as the world. In 2015, she officially came out as a trans woman, catching her family off guard and creating a buzz in the celebrity world. This unexpected revelation thrust the family even further into the spotlight.

Kanye and Kim

Kendall the Supermodel

Kendall Jenner became a supermodel, walking for top fashion houses and earning the highest-paid model title. This further strengthened their status. People fell in love with their glitz and glamor. Kendall also gained a lot of fans. Especially young boys. Also, the family became more famous. Being a supermodel really pays. It did for Kendall.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner transformed her appearance and launched a successful cosmetic brand, selling out her first product quickly. People say she did a lot of grotesque changes. She got butt and breast implants. Also, most of her skin is actually silicone. But that did not stop her from becoming famous. In the long run, people don’t care about harmful implants, it seems. 

Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

At just 21 years old, Kylie became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire through her successful cosmetics brand. Some doubted her fortune, but she remains rich and famous. Well, you don’t have to follow her. But she doesn’t care much as long as she is getting money. Fame and wealth are all that matter to her. Also, Kylie has legions of fans all across the world. The celebrity loves being in the limelight all the time. 

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