5 Popular Styles of Bathtubs You’ll Want in Your Home

Styles of Bathtubs

Are you facing a bathroom renovation and finding yourself confused about the choices offered? One item that you need to get correct is the bathtub. This is often the focal point of the whole room, and if you choose incorrectly it can hinder not just the design but also your ability to relax. 

To assist, we have pooled our knowledge just for you. Below, you can find our guide to five popular styles of bathtubs. 

1. Standard Styles of Bathtubs

The standard bathtub should never be overlooked. It is a classic, that has endured throughout the ages. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it will give you that deep soak that you need. 

Modern standard bathtubs tend to be made from fiberglass, as cast iron and steel are both heavy and cumbersome to install. Most of these tubs will be around the same size, at around five feet long. 

2. Soaking Tubs

A soaking tub category can encompass a few other designs and could come as a freestanding tub or one that has clawfoot designs. It is characterised by a very deep design, so you can submerge much further into the water due to its higher capacity.

As they are usually wider and longer, they tend to be better for taller people who are looking to relax. Like standard tubs, they can be made from a myriad of materials.

3. Whirlpool

If you like a spot of pampering, then choosing a bathtub with whirlpool features will be a surefire hit. These tubs contain jets that are strategically placed near your major muscle groups. When the jets fire, they provide a relaxing massage to your tired and aching body. 

The water in the bath cycles throughout the system, so water is not constantly pumped into the bathtub. Because of this design, they tend to be a lot larger than standard tubs. It also makes them a lot more expensive.

When choosing a bathtub like this, keep in mind that they need power. This means you will need to hook them up to electricity, unlike other baths which may just require a water supply. 

4. Air Tubs

Air tubs are very similar to whirlpool tubs and offer a massage experience. However, instead of cycling water and turning it into a pressurized jet, they use air to spread out the pressure. This results in a softer, less concentrated massaging experience. 

Generally, they are similar in size and shape to whirlpool tubs. However, they do tend to cost a little more money. 

5. Combination Tubs

For the ultimate in bathtub relaxation, a combination tub uses both air and water to massage and soothe. They do cost more than individual units but are similar in size and dimensions. 

Try These Tubs Out

If you are still confused about the styles of bathtubs, then try them out! Local spa and hotels will undoubtedly have some of these available to try. As a bonus, you will also get time to relax and take a break. 

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