Who Is Lola Simone Rock? Know About Her Father, Age And Family

Lola Simone Rock

Lola Simone Rock is the celebrity daughter of the popular comedian Chris Rock. Remember the controversial event during the Oscars where Will Smith came to the stage to slap a comedian? But Chris Rock did not get discouraged after the event as he is continuing to make people laugh. His family is also supporting him in his endeavors. He has a beautiful family of two daughters who accompany him to many events. 

Are you interested to know about Lola Simone Rock? You are at the right place because we have all the details about her. 

What is Lola Simone Rock’s age? 

The birthplace of Lola Simone Rock is New York, U.S.A and her birth date is June 28, 2002. So she is in her twenties and practically an adult now. She is the eldest child of the family. 

What is Lola Simone Rock Doing Now? 

Lola Simone Rock finished her high studies in New Jersey. She graduated from her educational institution in 2022. Her mother celebrated it by sharing her daughter’s achievements on her Instagram page. 

But one time Lola was kicked out of her school because she misbehaved with her rich classmates. Her father requested the school head to punish his daughter because he wanted her to learn a lesson. So this helped Lola to get her life back on track. Now she is attending a culinary school in France. 

Who She is Dating? 

As Lola Simone Rock is twenty years old her followers wanted to know whether she is dating anyone or not. But according to the sources she is not in a relationship with anyone. If she is dating anyone she is keeping it under wraps because she likes to keep her life private from the media. 

About Her Famous Father 

The full name of Lola Simone Rock’s father is Christopher Julius Rock. He is a standup comedian, actor and also filmmaker. His age is fifty-seven. Over the years he has got lots of accolades for his work. He became popular because of his appearance on Saturday Night Live. Plus he also has starred in films like Down to Earth, Pootie Tang, Madagascar film series and more. 

Further, he has hosted the Academy Awards two times. But during the 2022 94th academy awards a staged incident became controversial. It is now known as the Will Smith–Chris Rock slapping incident also called slapgate. The slap was in response to a joke Chris Rock cracked about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Yet Rock completed his presentation without any visible issues. 

Details about Lola Simone Rock’s mother 

Malak Compton Rock is the name of Lola Simone Rock’s mother. She is an activist, businesswoman and public relations executive. She is also the director of the non-profit organisation StyleWorks which offers free hairstyles to women. So it seems Lola Simone Rock has a successful mother who is supporting women and their rights. 

Further, Lola’s parents are divorced so they are not living together. But they are co-parenting which means Lola Rock gets to meet her parents and spend time with them equally. 

Lovely sister of Lola Simone Rock 

Lola Simone Rock has a younger sister named Zahara Rock. Her birth date is May 22, 2004. Plus Zahara Rock is an equestrian as she likes horses. She and her sister grew up in Alpine, New Jersey. They are very close to each other. 

End thoughts 

Hope you learned all you need to know about the daughter of Chris Rock, Lola Simone Rock. Although she experienced some setbacks growing up, she is currently learning culinary arts in France. It is great because she may become a popular chef in the future. 

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