Ellen Pierson – Know about her ties with the Kardashian Family

Ellen Pierson

Kardashian family does need any introduction as they are the most popular people on TV. Their show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’ is a controversial series that captures their candid lifestyle. In the early days, Robert appears in the series. He is the ex-husband of Kris Jenner who has now passed away.

Before this marriage, he had two ex-wives. The third wife of Robert is Ellen Pierson. She is gaining attention due to her ex-husband. Robert is not only a TV personality but he is a lawyer by profession. 

The well-known trial of Robert is the murder of O.J Simpson his friend. During this trial lawyer, Robert defended his friend’s case. Unlike her husband, Ellen remains far from showbiz. Now here are a few crucial details to know about Ellen Pierson. 

Kardashian Family

Ellen Pierson’s relationship with Robert Kardashian 

Robert and Ellen tied the knot in 2003. At that time Robert was a successful entrepreneur and a well-known lawyer. Before marriage, the couple dated for two years and Robert proposed to Ellen. 

Further, Robert passed away after six weeks of marrying Ellen Pierson. However, he has two ex-wives before his marriage to Ellen. Kris Jenner is his first wife and they have four kids together. He divorced Kris in 1991 and he also got engaged to his third cousin. 

Background and career of Ellen Pierson 

Born on 26th May 1950 Ellen Pierson is from California, USA. As of 2023, she is 74 years old and still lives in LA. There are fewer personal life details about Ellen as she is a private person. However, Ellen is a real estate dealer and sales director by profession. In 1970 she decides to start a real estate business. 

Soon, she starts a firm in which Ellen served as the vice president till 1984. In 1985 she switches her profession and pursues a job as a sales representative. She works as a sales manager for Tile Insurance till 2001. Ellen Pierson is an independent woman who reached great heights in her career. After doing several jobs as a salesperson she finally becomes a sales director for a company in 2019. 

Recent controversies over Ellen Pierson 

Since the death of their husband Ellen Pierson remained private for many years until a controversial incident. Due to her husband’s cancer, Ellen did not have any kids with Robert. Still, she is the stepmother of Roberts’s children. Recently, she raised questions about the birth of Khloe who looks quite different from her other siblings.

Further, Ellen reveals Robert before his death confessed that Khloe is not his biological daughter. It is an allegation that went viral on the internet. Also, the Kardashian sibling did not take this quite well. Kim argued with her stepmother regarding this matter. In the end, it was all a baseless allegation. 

Ellen Pierson’s kids and net worth 

Ellen Pierson does not have any biological children. Still, she is the stepmother of Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe. When it comes to her career Ellen Pierson is a dedicated person. As a lawyer and sales director, Ellen Pierson managed to accumulate a net worth of 5 million dollars. 

Credit © Kim Kardashian
Credit © Kim Kardashian

Apart from this, she inherits 30 million dollars at the time of her husband’s death. There is another career that contributes to her income. Ellen Pierson is also an actress who has done a few films. Still, she is most popular for her connections with the Kardashian family. 


Ellen Pierson is a lawyer, sales director and wife of Robert. Know about the less talked about Kardashian that is Ellen Pierson in the above article.