Tips to Make Your Product Photography Stand Out With the Right Background

Product Photography

Product photography is an integral part of any e-commerce store. It is not just the way to present your products to potential customers; it is the first point of sales and customer acquisition. As new-age customers gauge the quality of the product by looking at the images on the screen, they need to be well presented. Around 80 percent of shoppers purchase a product where the product images are eye-soothing and appealing, providing them a real-world effect. 

So to attract customers, EtherArts product photography Atlanta studio plays an important role. It is critical to pick the ideal background for your product photography so that the images look professional as well as engaging. You need to remember that background for product photography can make or break the outcome of the picture. Thus, the right background is a must. 

Why does background in Amazon product photography matter so much? 

Photos are ideal for showcasing one’s products and conveying your brand’s story. And what better way can be to do so using the right colors? Colors can take any ordinary picture to another level. According to a survey, over three-quarters of online customers rate the product pictures as influential when buying online.

 Tips to make your Amazon product photography stand out

To make products stand out and look appealing, lighting, right background and quality matters the most. The top product photography studio for Amazon photography in USA with extensive expertise and experience can help to make your product images highly appealing. 

Check out below list of tips to make your Amazon product photography stand out:

The white background is the best 

White is commonly used in product images for a reason. The neutral color highlights the product well and is a tough color to hide the product flaws. Also, photos with a white background are more product-centric.  

Also, the white background makes the image look more product-centric, and the product gets highlighted instead of the unwanted environment. Specifically for glass products, a white background is used.

Try to avoid clutter 

Product photography background is the most significant component of any image; thus, having a busy or cluttered background will take the customer’s attention away from the product. So, anything that diverts the customer’s attention from the main product is a poor strategy. The background is the most significant part of the product photography scenario, and it won’t be helpful if it is all busy. 

A busy background with many things is not suitable for any product photos. While selecting the best photography background, you should avoid using cluttered spaces. 

If not white, then go for neutral colors

Dark or very bright colors are also a turn-off for the shoppers when searching for a product online. Neutral shades serve the real purpose well, making the products look better and adding a touch of flair too. Ensure that you select the colors carefully so that you don’t overpower the selling points of the products or you don’t lose the customers. Keep the colors and background minimal and see how the product photos come out in a neutral setting.

Use Subtle Colors

As the background is essential in product photography, subtle colors make the product easily visible. Some backgrounds go right with the product, while you will see that choosing the wrong color can lead to blunders. Bright colors look unpleasing when you look at a product. So, it is better that you use subtle colors for your product photography. Bright and shocking colors are mainly used for banners and advertisements. They are not meant to be used in product photos. Have you ever checked Apple’s website? Check it out and you will be able to understand this better. 

Black is the new craze

Being bold and dark, this is the shade that gets away from the norm and is also a luxury color. Black attracts the attention immediately but only when used right. For high-end products and jewelry, it helps to make the product photo edgier. But it is essential to remember that you use the black background wisely. In the case of jewelry, a black backdrop makes much difference as it makes the diamonds and other parts shine bright, leading to attractive and presentable images.

White background jewelry photography works excellent for jewelry as well for black. 

Contextual Backgrounds

For the accessories and clothes, contextual backgrounds are a perfect choice. Shoppers may see themselves in the same scenario as individuals using the same item by using this helpful strategy. While selecting the contextual backdrop, always opt for the one that can enhance the overall customer experience.

Final Words

A valuable tip for Amazon product photography is to consider the product’s purpose. If it is food photography, you can choose a wooden or textured background, but white or black would be the best option if it is jewelry. These few tips will be handy for you to get started with your product photography journey and more so if you are a beginner in this field. Always remember going with the right colors as per your product and you will see that potential customers will get attracted towards your brand’s products in no time.

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