Bosch Steering Systems for Commercial Vehicles

Bosch Steering Systems for Commercial Vehicles

The primary control mechanism for a commercial vehicle is its steering system. Modern steering systems enhance driver comfort, safety and fuel economy. With improved handling and control, Bosch steering systems also reduce driver exertion in several driving conditions.

Bosch is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts for European trucks in Australia. The company’s steering systems are among the most reliable in the heavy vehicle industry. Read on if you would like to know more about Bosch and its steering systems for commercial vehicles.

Bosch Steering Systems for Commercial Vehicles
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Brief Overview of Bosch

The Bosch story started in 1886 when the company founder, Robert Bosch established it in his backyard. The company’s initial products were magnetos and ignition systems for automobiles. In 1901, Bosch opened its first factory in Stuttgart. By 1906, Bosch and had developed 100,000 magnetos.

Today, Bosch operates four business categories across the globe. These categories are energy and building technology, mobility, consumer goods and industrial technology. Bosch currently employs close to 400,000 people and reported a net income of €1.060 billion in 2020.

The Bosch Mobility solutions business category generates about 60% of Bosch’s sales. Under this business category, is Bosch Steering Systems which develops steering solutions for the Bosch brand. Bosch Steering Systems caters for about 14,800 Bosch employees in 12 countries across the globe.

Bosch Steering Systems

Over its years of existence, Bosch has developed several steering solutions for commercial vehicles. The company develops innovative components and systems that provide unmatched handling and steering support. Below are two highly effective steering solutions from Bosch for commercial vehicles.

  1. RB-Servocom®

  2. Servotwin®

Read on for more details about the features and benefits of the Bosch RB-Servocom and Servotwin steering systems.

  1. Bosch RB-Servocom

The RB-Servocom is a hydraulic power steering solution for commercial vehicle applications. Controlling the weight of a commercial vehicle on Australian roads requires a considerable amount of force. Yet, RB-Servocom uses a recirculating ball gear hydraulic steering principle to deliver the best power-to-weight ratio available in the industry.

RB-Servocom’s high steering precision improves the handling and safety of heavy commercial vehicles significantly. Below are some of the benefits of the RB-Servocom power steering system.

  • Compact design packaging to save space

  • Lightweight design of about 43 Kg Net weight

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Excellent steering feel

  • Available in various versions to meet several customer requirements

  1. Bosch Servotwin®  

Servotwin is an electro-hydraulic steering system for commercial vehicle applications. The Servotwin steering system combines the RB-Servocom system with an electronic drive and control unit. As such, the Servotwin steering system can provide advanced driver assistance functions.

The Servotwin system also supports automated driving functions. Below are the key benefits of Bosch’s Servotwin electro-hydraulic steering system.

  • Speed-dependent steering assistance

  • Active Steering Reverse

  • Supports driving automation

  • Improves fuel economy

  • Reduces driver exertion

To sum up, Bosch’s dedication to research and innovation maintains the company’s position as an industry leader. Bosch Steering Systems is constantly improving and developing steering solutions for commercial vehicle applications. The company’s latest developments are steering systems geared at supporting fully automated and electric driven vehicle technology.

Through Bosch’s automotive aftermarket, you can access affordable aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO and MAN. The company is dedicated to providing timely support to its clients all over the world. Through its global distribution network, you can access any component you need with minimal risk of delay.

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